Thursday, February 04, 2010

Exciting Mishap

K.No: Eh Ain, mane nye post psl accident aritu? Takde pon...
Me: Owh.. orang busy lah, nk dekat exam ni..
Eleh, pasal bende2 laen boleh plak buat.. (konon2 merajuk la tu, tak boleh blah..)
Me: Ala... Yela2 nanti org post laaah.... (lagi tak boleh blah, kuiz chem esok kol 10pagi kot..)


I decide to make this post simple and straight to the point. So that I'll be able to revise on Electrochemistry later.
ps. white lie. i opened two new tabs hours ago: FarmVille and YouTube. excuse me, Chemistry. other commitments await me.


Highlight of tonight's news: Two siblings trapped between two vehicles.

Saturday - An accident happened in the middle of the road involving two siblings located near the road leading to Federal Highway, Petaling Jaya. The sisters were on their way to Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM PJ when the unexpected incident took place. The Myvi was hit by a Wira at the back, thus making it collide with an Angsa in front. The siblings did not sustain any injuries, thank God.

Now back to Miz N.E.A in the studio.

Oooookaaay. Lets proceed with the images, people.

The rear view of the damaged car, it wasnt that bad, right? You din see the front view yet.

The offender (Sister Azalia: not real name) who had no car insurance. and expired roadtax. and a malfunction car brake. She admitted of being sleepy while driving. The image was taken from the backseat of Myvi by the younger sibling, Nurul Ain.

The elder sister, Nur Afifa confronted the Angsa driver (Uncle Badar: not real name). He took her phone number and car details, saying "I see you in court While I claimed the payment for my car repair from you, you claimed yours from the car who hit you at the back".

Duh. It was not her fault. Why should she pay the expense, ask the real culprit responsible party at the back lah!


The younger sister was fuming with fury and rage but her elder sister dealt with things differently. She was more of the 'cool-and-steady' kind of person. Thank God. If not, the mad younger sister would've slap and kick the one who dared to delay their journey back to the campus.


They inspected the serious damage of the Wira. Served you right. Now who's gonna pay for our the Myvi??


Guilty as charged. Hey hey, how come both of them were smiling? Ouh, they had developed a diplomatic relationship between them, thats why. Good. Good. No need to bring the case to court, then.

A passer-by who happened to be a mechanic. He gave her his business card just in case she needed a workhop to fix the car. The younger sister was told not to trust people easily, especially those who love to take advantage of people who were in trouble.
Su'uzzonn betol la minah dua orang nih... Ish ish ish..

Although the car was somehow in a bad condition, the sister was informed by the Brother mechanic that she could still drive it to PJ. There's nothing to worry about.

The younger sister thought of something in her head, "If the car suddenly explodes while we're driving, then it definitely proves that you're totally right. There nothing to be worried about ehh?"


But the younger sister din dare to tell the driver (her elder sister) about her thought earlier. To avoid any panic attacks and unwanted smack-in-the-head.

After few minutes of an-extremely-slow-as-a-snail drive, they reached CFS IIUM PJ. No one was hurt during the journey.

The sisters went back to Mahallah to pray Asr and to call people related to the incident. Their parents, to inform about the tragic matter. The tow truck service, to bring the car to a workshop. The friends in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, to drive the elder sister back to her apartment. The Uncle Badar and Sister Azalia, to settle about the police reports, claims and other stuffs.

The Myvi was parked temporarily at CFS IIUM PJ while waiting for this Abang Claim Advisor (that's what written in his card) to come with a tow truck

Discussing something important, guys? While the elder sister took care of the matter, the younger one was busy taking pictures. That's the only thing she's good at.


Me: Eh, orang telefon kakak tadi tu dye tak angkat2 pon? Ke dye mmg tanak angkat sbb dye tanak bayar? Cube awak bayangkan, kereta dye pon da teruk sampai camtu, takkan la dye nak bayar lagi untuk kereta ni.. Patutnye time dye bagi nombor ni, awak miskol dulu dye.. Apela awak ni...
K.No: Lah.. Awak la patutnye ingatkan orang. Orang tengah sibuk2 tadi takde mase nak pikir pasal bende2 camni..
Me: Fuh.. Naseb baek orang bertindak pantas amek gambar kakak tu tadi tau.. (riya' sekejap)
K.No: Banyak la... Tapi apa-apa pun kite dah ade bukti. Kalau la dye bagi kite nombor tipu ke, plat kereta palsu ke.. kita buat je report polis. Kita kan dah ade gambar dye..

That was the conversation between two sceptical and suspicious under-21 girls.

Turned out that the husband of Sister Azalia called to straighten out the issue. He wanted to pay all the expenses.



Sekarang macam mana nak mintak maaf kat Sister Azalia tu atas segala backbiting yang telah dilakukan ek??