Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little Payback

For those who still don.t manage to get the chance to sneak into Mahallah Zainab Al-Jahsy.s area, I like to give you the sneak preview of the TV Area at Level 1.

Spacious, isn.t it? We got only one set of sofa at each level. The rest are the blue, pain-in-the-back, hard chairs which are so small they barely fit our my those with XXL butts.

But my point is, this is where the place where the washing machines are located. Where the students ask the help from a lifeless machine to wash their clothes for RM2.50.

And it is the place to dry and hang our clothes too. If able to see lingeries or other undergarments, ignore 'em please. That is so not relevant to the topic that I.m about to tell you here.

The thing is this: I find that washing clothes conventionally (that is, by hands) is so outdated when you have these cool gadgets to help you reduce the amount of energy spent on scrubbing those dirty clothes - thanks to what they call Washing Machines.

Look at the bright side, the energy that you don.t use to brush the clothes traditionally can be chanelled to other forms of activities - like struggling to interpret the meaning of certain Chemistry's scientific expressions of the Brady's Sixth Edition. Or trying very hard to resist the temptation of your cosy bed while studying Basic Themes of Al-Quran on the desk beside the bed. Or to work on getting your mind thinking actively when the clock ticks 12 at midnight.

Okay. I am too lazy to wash the clothes by myself. So what? RM2.50 is so worth it, lah!

It may be a tad expensive. RM2.50 can be used to buy a set of bihoon soup / TheStar newspaper and a can of juice. Sometimes to find the 20cent/50 cent coins to insert into the machine is so difficult that you have to shamelessly borrow them from your friends.

But those are the challenges that I find very appealing. The effort that I put to tansfer the pile of a-week-of-unwashed-clothes into that very machine makes my heart skipped a little bit.

Yes! I finally get my clothes washed. Isn.t that somehow satisfying? Can you feel that?

However, I detest this one thing where the hardcore-fans-of-Washing-Machines always do.

They leave their clothes unattended.

When I was very excited to make use of this friendly machine, I found these clothes INSIDE it. At first I don.t really care about it, it.s okay. Maybe she.ll take the clothes out of the machine after she settles her other chores. Maybe she has class. No worries. It.s not like she doesn.t remember that she washed the clothes in the first place, right?

30 minutes passed by.

One hour.



FOUR hours later, I made up my mind.

I took the clothes and put them ALL inside a tiny bucket I found nearby.

And I put this very sweet little LoveNote to remind her - and also to the other students who want to use this machine together.

Very effective. I.m pretty sure she read that.

MESS with me next time, I.ll pour CLOROX ALL OVER your clothes.

ps. cant wait to get into main campus in kuantan. i don.t have to share the washing machine cuz i.ll be staying at home! yay me!

pps. ceh suke2 ati je nak duduk umah. ntah2 budak junior takbleh ulang alik kot. kene gak stay kat mahallah kat sana. ala... bapak tak best nye.

If that.s the case, Nour El Ain dislikes it very very very darn much.


  1. xperlu mesin basuh di cfs.balik rumah basuh senang.haha :D

  2. i always hand-washed all my laundry..yeay to me for being a hardworking gurL..kwang3x~*applause*

  3. guna mesin basuh AC sudeyh :P

  4. kejadian seperti ini memang sering terjadi di asrama (dormatory) dimana banyak orang menggunakan mesin cuci (washing machine) yang sama

    tapi nour el ain menyajikan ceritanya dengan lucu

    pastilah terkejut sekali miss-meninggalkan-cuciannya-begitu-saja itu, mendapati cuciannya di paksa masuk ke ember kecil itu

    tapi nanti pulang ke rumah, mungkin nour el ain akan merindukan kehidupan asrama yang terkadang seru juga

    (do you understand the idea of my comment?)

  5. ehem.beli mesin basuh sendiri lah utk yang nk anggap mesin tu mcm dia yang punye..

    cm best je life kat uia=D

  6. a.afiq. waaa nak balik rumah!! u__u

    zai. hehe. tepuk2. go go girl. :D

    frshm. ahahaha. sengal je. XD

    dee. yes, definitely! now i can understand what u said. :p

    bella. waaaahh satu idea yang amat BERNAS sekali! nanti akan kubeli mesin basuhnya dan letakkan dalam bilikku. sape nak gune bayar RM3.50. muahahahaha.
    ps. best? hurm.. jap2 pikir jap. XD

  7. Selagi boleh masuk, penuhkan mesin basuh tuh
    RM 2.50? Ok la kot...dulu zaman belajar, RM 3.00 saya kena

  8. hafiz c. haah btol3. sumbat je sume....
    tak kisah kot kalao rm3. still nak gune jugak. ehehe.