Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Me, Medic & Everything In Between

Episode: JPA Scholarsip Interview to Study Medicine Overseas
Time: After SPM 2007

Interviewer 1: Why do you want to study Medicine?
Nour El Ain: Because I have to.

Interviewer 2: Why do you say you have to?
Nour El Ain: Because of my father. He is a doctor and he owns several clinics around Kuantan. As I am the second daughther, my father kinda forced me to study medicine. So.. I just have to.

Interviewer 1: What do you actually want?
Nour El Ain: I am thinking about taking a degree in Arts or ICT programmes. I love computers and I love to learn how to make 3D Animation movies. You know, like Shrek and other Disney's 3D movies..

Interviewer 2
: So, if you want to continue working in your father's clinic, why would we want to waste millions of ringgit sending you to study overseas? Do you prefer to work in private sector rather than working with the government?
Nour El Ain: (shrugged) I think working in private clinic gives us more benefits, in terms of money, of course. Besides, we can work in any day or any time we want.

FYI, I failed the interview.

Seriously. Honesty is NOT the best policy.

Several years later.....

Episode: Kuliyyah of Medicine Interview to Study at Main Campus, IIUM Kuantan
Time: Before Graduate in CFSIIUM 2010

Interviewer 1: Why do you choose Medicine?
Nour El Ain: Because my father is a doctor. He has clinics in Kuantan. My elder sister and me were given the responsibility to study Medicine in order to continue the family business.

Interviewer 2
: When you said 'your father gave you the responsibility', what do you actually plan to do?
Nour El Ain: (shrugged) I... well.. I accept what my parents already decided. I follow what they want. I just wanna make them happy.

Interviewer 1: So you really want to study Medicine?
Nour El Ain: (after a long pause) Yes. (smile)

Interviewer 2: No pressure?
Nour El Ain: (fake laugh) No. Definitely not.

Interviewer 1: You look like you are satisfied with your answers. Are you?
Nour El Ain: (smiled and shrugged)

Let's just say, I have learnt my lesson already.

So.......... WHAT NOW?


  1. Hello Dr.Nourelain!!hikhikhik..
    Gud luck in whatever u do in the future later yah!!peace^_^v

  2. salam
    i respect the way u're honest to yourself
    and u don't give up ur dreams easily.

  3. Doktor...hati saya remuk ni...ahaha

  4. zai, kte blum officially ditabalkan jd doktor lagi la.. hehe :)

    neway, thanx! peace. :)

  5. bun, correction.

    not MY dream. even now, it still isnt.

    serius. tak tipu...

    gudluck 2 u too! :D

  6. hafiz, ala kesiannye... meh2 kite tolong gamkan smule.. :D

  7. haha no...bukan medic.
    arts and computer kan.

  8. thanx for the comment..tak susah sangat, cuma x cukup masa nak study..2 minggu jer untuk study semua bab dalam statistik..anyway, good luck on becoming a doctor..nice blog..will visiting always

  9. 2 same scenarios but different responses.. yeah, being honest is not really good when it comes to interviews.. =)


  10. Honesty is not the best policy in adult world lol

  11. heee,yes.honesty is not da best policy in certain world.

    gonna be a doctor ye? kat uia.. gudluck..! skrg dah year bape ni.

  12. tok aim. u too. gudluck in math! :)

    kenwooi. i hate interviews! xD

    kelvin. not so-gonna admit i'm an adult. 20 still young, what.. :D

    bella. yupp maybe. baru je nak masuk first year kat main campus kuantan june ni.. u__u