Monday, February 01, 2010

Skema Season

Few weeks ago, we (students of UIA PJ) were taken aback by sudden inspections by UIA lecturers and STAD officers, I believe.
UIA takdek duit, sbab tu dorang buat spotcheck. Keje nak saman orang je.. pantas telingaku menangkap suara2 sumbang di sana sini.

Hmm. I din dare to protest too much even though the Ops Skema Kemas made me a tad uneasy. Duh. Of course it was!

Seriously. These spotcheck (check-on-the-spot) sessions rendered
us speechless.

By us, I meant students like

do not bother to wear 'kain dalam' when wearing baju kurung/jubah.

do not even care if the Matric Card is in the bag or not.

do not seem to worry if the shoes are light pink or bright yellow.

do not aware of the Dos and Donts in IIUM's Law and Regulations.

And those....

refuse to abide by the law but at the same time, detest to pay the fine/summon.

ps. you may refer to Farisham's lengthy and cynical post: rambutku harganya rm200 if you are eager to know the juicy details and (sarcastic remarks!) regarding this issue.

Speaking of which, I almost forget that I have these pictures in my collection.

I was walking along the pathway when my eyes suddenly..

...caught something interesting (in the rectangular box). It was....

...a warning memo.

Yes. Totally rude and intolerable.

I couldnt believe that one of us (UIA students) had the guts to write something like this. I know, the student who wrote it clearly felt that her privacy had been violated when the fellows/lecturers checked her laptop, purse and other personal stuffs.

To write a 'threat-like letter' and paste it on the noticeboards around the campus is sure a
BRILLIANT way to give a fair warning to the authorities.

But, is that a
RIGHT thing to do?

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