Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eye for Editing

Thanks to the advancement in technology, now we are able to Edit Image by using a handphone.

As easy as ABC, Go to the Camera Mode and click number 1 twice. Then you get to capture your picture stylishly. Whether dressed as a basketball player, featured in a Chique magazine or in a 'Wanted' poster, you decide yourself.

These are some of the images I manage to collect from my Mom.s phone. Some were taken by me and a few by my sisters.

Let.s have a look, shall we?

The one-and-only TV9 singer, Dekat Di Hati..

The so-called charismatic idol among the toddlers

A born-to-be-professional with no need of a driving license

The last survivor of the Dinosaur Era

A mentally retarded version of not-so-alike Elvis Presley

ps. Let me know if you got any cool-er and fabulous-er images than mine. I.m dying to see 'em.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Real!! It.s 9 Already??

I hate morning class...........................when I got up late in the morning.

GOD. Couldn.t forgive myself.


For instance. Today I woke up at 9am. And my UNGS class started at, Guess What.. 9am.

Imagine that!

The moment I opened my eyelids, my phone started ringing.

My friend, Wan (it.s Wan Nurfazliyana, just in case you might think Wan.s a boy) miscalled.

Glanced at the clock.




Quickly got up, grabbed the toothbrush, put Colgate on, rushed to the toilet.

Ran to the room, put on no-need-to-iron baju kurung, pink tudung, packed up stuffs.

Text message from Fatin: Pah, ko da bgn blum?

RM5, Water bottles. Testpad. UNGS notes.

Reply: Aq otw. Sir da dtg lom?

Fatin.s reply: Da. But he went out.

Put wedges on.

"Farahhh!!!! Kunci bilik aku tak bawak tau!!!!!"

Walking to the class with long strides.

Thank God the class didn.t start yet.


Moral of the story: Jangan nak gatal2 tengok cite Jepun sampai kol 2-3 pagi kalo da tau sok pagi ade klas. Kan da overslept, sape yang susah?


Lu pikir la seniri!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back for UNGS

"Awak belajar pasal UNGGAS kat hutan tu ke?", asked my Mom when I told her i have to be back for Sem 3 here.

As UNGS is like the tough combination of FIM+BTQ and involves mostly about the philosophical view on Islam (according to Dr.Sohirin), sure I gotta prepare mentally and physically before the class starts.

UNGS 2030: The Islamic Worldview
UNGS 2050: Ethics & Fiqh For Everyday Life
UNGS 2040: Something about Civilisation (going to learn it at 2pm today)

Sweets. Check. Water. Check. Quick nap. Check.

Now bring it on!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Your Sister Part 2

This technique is proven to be 100% working. So far so good, lah.

STEP 1: Prepare colour pencils.

Or crayons. The more, the merrier.

STEP 2: Get a colouring book.

Winnie The Pooh or Dora The Explorer. Barbie is most preferable.

STEP 3: Invite her to colour the book with you.

Display your cutest expression to win her affection. Round, blinking eyes. Sweet smile
with braces and graceful hand gesture.

: Pretend to be shocked and say this:

"Oh Alamaak Alin.... Colour pencils tu tak tajam lah.. Macam mana nak kaler ni.... Hmm.. Alin pegi sharpen dulu, nanti kite kaler same same eh???"


Oh. Did I mention Prepare a Dustbin and A LOT of colour pencils??

While she is sharpening those color pencils, take your sweet time to do anything you want.

Now go search for those pencils in your cupboard, in the drawer, under the bed or whenever you think they are hiding.

Don.t let them get away from you.

Reminder: When you use the colour pencils, make sure you exert the highest pressure possible. You can repeat all the steps above when the right time comes. ;D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Your Sister Part 1

Holiday can be quite annoying for those who have a younger 4-year-old sister.

My advice is, give her something (
anything!) to do to prevent her from ruining your life disturbing you.

One of my way to keep her busy is to take an
A4 paper and ask her to draw. Then I tiptoed away from her silently.

"Alin alin, dah lame kite tak lukis Oboi-Oboi kan?"

For now,
drawing is my popular way to get rid of her. I.ll tell you other ways when we meet again.

But don.t be surprised if you find your sister.s drawing within the page of your book. That.s just a message from her to let you know that she already mastered the art of drawing an

She is now sitting on a small pink chair beside me. She keeps pestering me because she wants to draw Oboi-Oboi dalam sea too.

ps. Haishhh sebok betul budak nih!!!! Nampak gayenye die still mengacau aku jugak. Aishhh kurang asam punye budak...

Monday, March 08, 2010

Nak Mr.Syed Jugak??

'Mintak maaf. Kalau boleh parents saye nak Mr.Syed..'

haishhh. sampai bile la kakak aku nak kawen kalo setiap mamat yang suke kat die direjek dengan cara sedemikian rupe...

ade ape lah dengan name. kalo nak sowh aku komen gamaknye dua hari dua malam pun tak abes ni.

mak aku cite ade la sorang mamat ni konon2 nak tackle kakak aku. pastu bile akak aku cakap camtu, nak tau dia cakap ape??

'Kalau macam tu saya doakan awak tak jumpe la Mr.Syed awak tu...'

Kihkihkih. Sweet tak??

ps. jangan marah2, kak nor. nanti cepat tua muka kedut, tak sempat la nak jumpe Mr.Syed..... theeheheehee :D

Friday, March 05, 2010

Guess What.s In The Package!!

Haha. My first time buying stuff online.

Yee-haw!!! It.s The Sims 3 World Adventure!! How cool is that??

In Kuantan, I can.t find the retail store that sell the original one. So I have to order it online.

Ordered it on 3rd March, I got it today, 5th March. I am starting to love this superb service!!

True Gamer Plays Original!! :D

ps. Yeah I know. After few weeks of lacking updates, now I.m talking about The Sims. What to do, I.m too occupied during this holiday.

TV. Internet. Bed. PSP Go. Adlin.

And the latest distraction would be the one in the image above. XD