Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eye for Editing

Thanks to the advancement in technology, now we are able to Edit Image by using a handphone.

As easy as ABC, Go to the Camera Mode and click number 1 twice. Then you get to capture your picture stylishly. Whether dressed as a basketball player, featured in a Chique magazine or in a 'Wanted' poster, you decide yourself.

These are some of the images I manage to collect from my Mom.s phone. Some were taken by me and a few by my sisters.

Let.s have a look, shall we?

The one-and-only TV9 singer, Dekat Di Hati..

The so-called charismatic idol among the toddlers

A born-to-be-professional with no need of a driving license

The last survivor of the Dinosaur Era

A mentally retarded version of not-so-alike Elvis Presley

ps. Let me know if you got any cool-er and fabulous-er images than mine. I.m dying to see 'em.


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