Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Real!! It.s 9 Already??

I hate morning class...........................when I got up late in the morning.

GOD. Couldn.t forgive myself.


For instance. Today I woke up at 9am. And my UNGS class started at, Guess What.. 9am.

Imagine that!

The moment I opened my eyelids, my phone started ringing.

My friend, Wan (it.s Wan Nurfazliyana, just in case you might think Wan.s a boy) miscalled.

Glanced at the clock.




Quickly got up, grabbed the toothbrush, put Colgate on, rushed to the toilet.

Ran to the room, put on no-need-to-iron baju kurung, pink tudung, packed up stuffs.

Text message from Fatin: Pah, ko da bgn blum?

RM5, Water bottles. Testpad. UNGS notes.

Reply: Aq otw. Sir da dtg lom?

Fatin.s reply: Da. But he went out.

Put wedges on.

"Farahhh!!!! Kunci bilik aku tak bawak tau!!!!!"

Walking to the class with long strides.

Thank God the class didn.t start yet.


Moral of the story: Jangan nak gatal2 tengok cite Jepun sampai kol 2-3 pagi kalo da tau sok pagi ade klas. Kan da overslept, sape yang susah?


Lu pikir la seniri!