Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Your Sister Part 1

Holiday can be quite annoying for those who have a younger 4-year-old sister.

My advice is, give her something (
anything!) to do to prevent her from ruining your life disturbing you.

One of my way to keep her busy is to take an
A4 paper and ask her to draw. Then I tiptoed away from her silently.

"Alin alin, dah lame kite tak lukis Oboi-Oboi kan?"

For now,
drawing is my popular way to get rid of her. I.ll tell you other ways when we meet again.

But don.t be surprised if you find your sister.s drawing within the page of your book. That.s just a message from her to let you know that she already mastered the art of drawing an

She is now sitting on a small pink chair beside me. She keeps pestering me because she wants to draw Oboi-Oboi dalam sea too.

ps. Haishhh sebok betul budak nih!!!! Nampak gayenye die still mengacau aku jugak. Aishhh kurang asam punye budak...


  1. salam..
    yup, it did work out,but later on, the rubbish bin filled with her drawings kan..
    drawing stuff, spelling her name on all the paper,
    lil sister is always like that kan..:)

  2. yupp betul3. no doubt. tapi better than die menyerabutkan kepale otak kite kann?? ahahaha xD

  3. nice oboi2, nak ajar cousin buat jugak!!hehe