Thursday, March 11, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Your Sister Part 2

This technique is proven to be 100% working. So far so good, lah.

STEP 1: Prepare colour pencils.

Or crayons. The more, the merrier.

STEP 2: Get a colouring book.

Winnie The Pooh or Dora The Explorer. Barbie is most preferable.

STEP 3: Invite her to colour the book with you.

Display your cutest expression to win her affection. Round, blinking eyes. Sweet smile
with braces and graceful hand gesture.

: Pretend to be shocked and say this:

"Oh Alamaak Alin.... Colour pencils tu tak tajam lah.. Macam mana nak kaler ni.... Hmm.. Alin pegi sharpen dulu, nanti kite kaler same same eh???"


Oh. Did I mention Prepare a Dustbin and A LOT of colour pencils??

While she is sharpening those color pencils, take your sweet time to do anything you want.

Now go search for those pencils in your cupboard, in the drawer, under the bed or whenever you think they are hiding.

Don.t let them get away from you.

Reminder: When you use the colour pencils, make sure you exert the highest pressure possible. You can repeat all the steps above when the right time comes. ;D


  1. tapi kan.
    kalau to get rid of your brother cmne plak?

  2. btol jugak.
    klu ada adik lebih dari satu?
    ada 4?
    2 laki 2 prmpuan?

    p/s: last2 aku masak or goreng something, sume dok kerumun makan...senyap! heee =P

  3. a.afiq. hmm... lemme think. u kurung je die dalam satu bilik yg penuh dgn toys. robot. ultramen kamen. helikopter. pistol. lego. sume toys yg ade dlm rumah sume lambak dalam bilik tuh. kompem die tak kacau punye.. :D

  4. ntah. whoaaa... tu kene kerje keras tuh.. :D haa.. itu jugak satu idea yg amat bernas. tapi bab2 memasak ni aq kureng sket, sbb tu aq tak mention.. wakakaka XD

  5. dont u think turning on a cartoon show will get rid of em? :p

  6. s.ali. i am going to mention that one in Part 3 actually. haha definitely that way is the best(est!) :D

  7. ahah.
    guess, i dont need to read ur blog 4 part 3 then :p

  8. s.ali. it.s your fault now i don.t feel like writing part 3. :)

    hafizc. yuppp. betul3. :D

  9. what abt part 3:my sister and ungs? :p

  10. s.ali. how to get rid of my sister AND ungs?? hahaha. it sure is interesting! :)