Monday, April 19, 2010


Graduating students di PJ Campus this Semester tidak dapat menggunakan kemudahan Wireless iium community.

Kami berasa sangat sedih kerana telah dianaktirikan oleh pihak2 tertentu.

Apakah makna ini semua? :(

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mei Chan.s Udon

Konnichiwa, people!

Last Saturday, my family and I went to a Muslim Japanese Restaurant - to fulfill the wish of my 17-years-old sister, Jehan to eat sushi.

Don.t ask me where the location is. I slept halfway through the journey to find this restaurant.

My big family. Females rule! :D

Fave of all time: Unagi Roll

Jehan.s dish: Rice, Chicken, Potato, Salad, Tofu and Unagi (Eel)

Mine! Tempura Udon!!!

While I was reading the menu at the restaurant, suddenly my eyes catched the words:

Tempura Udon. Unagi Udon.

Mei Chan.s Udon!!

Tsk. The influence of J-drama series, no doubt.

Doesn.t that reminds you of something? Have you seen the Japanese drama Mei Chan no Shitsuji @ Mei Chan.s butler?

Those who have no idea about this drama, go watch it lahh!!

As for the J-drama lovers, with me aite? Remember the scene where Mei Chan had to participate in the cooking competition? And she made Udon?

I think it.s the same Udon like I was eating. Hehe. BTW, its taste is like Spaghetti. Mr.Wiki says: Udon (饂飩, usually written as うどん) is a type of thick wheat-flour noodle popular in Japanese cuisine.

The story revolves around Mei Chan, a heiress to a fortune who enrolls in St Lucia Girls' Academy where every girls have their own butler! Rules out the absurdity and unlogic reality of the existence of such wonderful life, the storyline is quite okay.

And romanticism is a MUST! :puteh_2:

Awww... Mizushima Hiro is such a gentleman. He.s Cute but Scrawny.

Add him in Facebook here. His real name is Saito Tomohiro. He is 26 this year and was born on April 13. Ehhh, it.s TOMORROW lahh!!

It is mentioned that his specialties are Soccer and English conversation. Cool! But ladies, he is off limits yeah, cuz he.s married to a singer named Ayaka on Feb 22, 2009.

The drama series in which you can see his handsome face are:
  • Tokyo Dogs as Maruo Kudo (Fuji TV, 2009)
  • Mr. Brain as Hayashida Toranosuke (TBS, 2009)
  • Mei-Chan no Shitsuji as Shibata Rihito (2009)
  • Room of King as Moriji/Mori Jirou (2008)
  • Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) as Asamoto Soshi (2008)
  • Churaumi Kara no Nengajo as Miyashita Kota (2007)
  • Gutannubo (Gout Temps Nouveau) Drama Special (2007)
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as Nanba Minami (2007)
  • Watashitachi no Kyokasho as Yahata Daisuke (2007)
  • Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata as Fujiki Kyouji (2007)
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto as Tendou Souji/Kusakabe Souji (2006)
  • Pink no Idenshi (ep 3) as Ikushima Mizuki (2005)
  • Brother Beat as Yoshi (2005)
  • Ame to Yume no Ato ni (ep 7) (2005)
  • Gokusen (season 2) as Hiro Misawa (2005)
His latest movie would be BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad (2010).

Okay. I shall not dwell on him any longer. It.s not like I can meet him or whatsoever, aite?

It was a pure Simulacrum (Based on imagination and speculation) cehh mentang2 blaja UNGS tros mention extramarital ehh... extravaganza word..

To conclude it all, the 3pm-Lunch at the J-restaurant was a bliss. We actually planned to dine out at Korean Restaurant but my Mom.s shopping time made us speechless.

Amat tak senonoh cara pemakanan tu ye.. On my left was my my youngest sister, Adlin. Menyibok je..

Sayonara Mei Chan.s Udon!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Useless Wireless

I am not being ungrateful. Thank you very much UIA for providing us FREE Wireless Service. I am very proud to be an IIUMian.

I am not being selfish. I know the other students have more important stuffs to do on the Net. That.s why sometimes (some-times!) I turned off my Notebook and let them have the Wireless.

I am not being angry. No reason to be so mad over a free public service. Wireless for us ALL to share. All the inhabitants of UIA PJ Campus.

No. No. I am so not being sarcastic right now. Just in case some of you might think that I am always that type of gal (who only knows how to criticize), please correct your perception of me.

After all, I am so going to be a changed person during this Semester (only) as to get the Barakah of learning UNGS. Ouh you guys know what I meant.

That is why I am composing this entry calmly in the middle of the night. I am currently listening to Not Over You by David Archuleta on My roommate is sleeping already. Obviously I am all alone.

I am multitasking. Maybe you notice that I removed the blog links on the right sidebar, right? I thought that my blog is too messy with the links and stuffs. No. No. I am not so gonna abandon all of you. I am doing some changes. I am preparing a new blog for blog lists only. And yes. I am doing that right now. I.ll let you know later.

Plus, I quit playing some games in Facebook already. Cafe World, FishVille, Ponzi Inc., Country Story and some more. I think it.s time for me to get serious. I am going to be a MedikGal after all. Sure life ain.t gonna be a bed of roses at the Main Campus later. It must be darn tough. And scary. God. I am nervous.

My Mom slow-talked me to quit TheSims. Uh-oh, that one is gonna be a tad difficult, Mommy. Well, I don.t wanna let your hope high but I.ll think about it and need some more time. FarmVille and PetVille are also on my list to be considered.

Guess a lot of things need to be sacrificed this year. Before going to MainCamp in Kuantan.

Mom. Dad. Can I not study Medicine?

Okay. I must be out of my mind. Slap me hard, somebody.

Tomorrow I.ll be going out with my family. But tons of works need to be completed. Dr.Salah.s bungkus assignment is due next Friday. Dr.Sohirin.s MidSem exam is going to be on Monday and Wednesday next week. Dr.Sohirin.s assignment on Humanism must be completed on the next Tuesday.

Oh. I am accepting requests in Facebook too. 52 FarmVille Gift requests. 49 FarmVille Egg requests.

Just so you know, it.s 12.58am now. Wireless is no more Useless. The signal.s Very Good. Good for Me. Everyone.s sleeping but I.m still facing you. I might as well stay up for the whole night. Waiting for Subuh prayer would be an excellent idea, aite?

Suddenly I am thinking about my ex-schoolmates and friends. They are studying overseas now. Of course I feel left out. But it.s not like I am so extremely eager to study abroad in the first place. I can always travel overseas alone, right?

Oh. Correction. I can always find a young, rich and handsome American guy to travel with, right?

Mind my manner, people. I.m always crazy during this hour.

I am going to eat my second Nasi Lemak now.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Archery vs Ice Skating

I am quite a big fan of ice-skating activity.

As this is my Last Semester being in PJ, I should use the time to go skating as much as I can. After all, Kuantan doesn.t have an ice-skating rink. Duh.

Last weekend, I went skating with 'Ayunni, Fatin, Farizah, Yana and Syuhada. We got the discount voucher from the Internet: RM7 only on Friday. The RM5 voucher is for Thursday but we aren.t allowed to go outing on Thursday.

In the website, the public skating session is as followed:


(HOURS) **

Weekday RM 13 0900 – 2000 1200, 1430, 1700 & 2000
Saturday RM 18 0900 – 2200 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 & 2000
Sunday RM 18 0900 – 2100 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 & 2000
Public / School Holiday RM 21 0900 – 2200 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, & 2000
Price Includes use of skate rental and at per entry only.

** Applies to early closure of ice rink due to ice hockey training & student practice time
( subject to changes without prior notification ).

They offer skating lessons too.

Coach Senior
Coach Senior
4-10 Students,
5 x 30 minutes lessons
RM 110 RM 125 RM 140 RM 140 RM 155 RM 170
Semi - Private
2-3 Students,
5 x 30 minutes lessons
RM 165 RM 180 RM 195 RM 195 RM 210 RM 225

5 x 30 minutes lessons

RM 245 RM 260 RM 275 RM 275 RM 290 RM 305

Walk – In
1 student,
1 x 30 minutes lesson

RM 60 RM 60 RM 65 RM 60 RM 60 RM 65

Registration Fee
First time enrollment only
RM 40
Student Practice Credit (SPC)
5 Times Practices, valid for two months ONLY
RM 50
Lost of Student Card RM 20

Pah, ko taknak blaja ice-skate ke?
Drpd aku blaja ice-skate, baiklah aku blajar swimming ke, memanah ke, naik kuda ke.. Sunnah nabi tu..

Which reminds me of the Archery Session I had last semester.

Learning the right way from the instructor

Pardon the wrong technique. That was the first time I tried holding that bow. The right way is to straighten my right hand 90 degree and my left hand fully stretched out straight. That means: Pull the bow string as much as I can, then let go of the arrow.

Shoot the balloons, yo!

I am thinking of taking lesson in Swimming. And going for a Horse Ride.

In other words, I just want to add more cool pictures into my collection, that.s all.

Who says Swimming and Horse-Riding aren.t kewl, huh?


Friday, April 02, 2010

A Dora Family

My 4-years-old youngest sister always get a Dora haircut.

My 14-year-old younger sister, Syakirah later followed.

Ouh you don.t know Dora The Explorer?


Okay, let me Google the picture for you, adult.

Here she is.

Dora and her monkey, Boots in 'Dora The Explorer' on Nickelodeon channel. She is a cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic child with a wide circle of friends and a close and loving family.

Then I suggested this to my other 2 younger sisters:

"Jom la kita sume potong rambut macam Alin nak? Comel ape.."

My question was answered with a definite No.


Izzah didn.t want to cut her so-called-Korean-like-hair and Jehan didn.t quite ready to break up with her long hair yet.

That left me alone, adorned the Dora haircut. Minus the fringe, of course. pt for the fringe part.

I asked My Mom too but she refused. Said she was too old for that kind of hair.

Haishhh everyone wasn.t being really cooperative lahh.


Why can.t we ALL adopt the same Dora The Explorer haircut and be a COOL family?

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. (ehh ade kene mengene ke? tetibe je..)

I.m Being Emo Because I Can.t Get My Family To Get A Dora Haircut.