Friday, April 02, 2010

A Dora Family

My 4-years-old youngest sister always get a Dora haircut.

My 14-year-old younger sister, Syakirah later followed.

Ouh you don.t know Dora The Explorer?


Okay, let me Google the picture for you, adult.

Here she is.

Dora and her monkey, Boots in 'Dora The Explorer' on Nickelodeon channel. She is a cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic child with a wide circle of friends and a close and loving family.

Then I suggested this to my other 2 younger sisters:

"Jom la kita sume potong rambut macam Alin nak? Comel ape.."

My question was answered with a definite No.


Izzah didn.t want to cut her so-called-Korean-like-hair and Jehan didn.t quite ready to break up with her long hair yet.

That left me alone, adorned the Dora haircut. Minus the fringe, of course. pt for the fringe part.

I asked My Mom too but she refused. Said she was too old for that kind of hair.

Haishhh everyone wasn.t being really cooperative lahh.


Why can.t we ALL adopt the same Dora The Explorer haircut and be a COOL family?

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. (ehh ade kene mengene ke? tetibe je..)

I.m Being Emo Because I Can.t Get My Family To Get A Dora Haircut.




  1. potong rambut macam dora, then masuk cosplay?

    cool, eh?

  2. bunkhair. glad u like it. :)

    s.ali. extremely cool. but the difficult part is, mane nk cari boots the monkey?? hehe

  3. maybe your elder sister would like to join you.haha

  4. anonym. i bet she will. :)

    farabi. wslm. if it.s nice then u got no problem gettin urself a Dora haircut too, aite?? :D