Friday, April 09, 2010

Useless Wireless

I am not being ungrateful. Thank you very much UIA for providing us FREE Wireless Service. I am very proud to be an IIUMian.

I am not being selfish. I know the other students have more important stuffs to do on the Net. That.s why sometimes (some-times!) I turned off my Notebook and let them have the Wireless.

I am not being angry. No reason to be so mad over a free public service. Wireless for us ALL to share. All the inhabitants of UIA PJ Campus.

No. No. I am so not being sarcastic right now. Just in case some of you might think that I am always that type of gal (who only knows how to criticize), please correct your perception of me.

After all, I am so going to be a changed person during this Semester (only) as to get the Barakah of learning UNGS. Ouh you guys know what I meant.

That is why I am composing this entry calmly in the middle of the night. I am currently listening to Not Over You by David Archuleta on My roommate is sleeping already. Obviously I am all alone.

I am multitasking. Maybe you notice that I removed the blog links on the right sidebar, right? I thought that my blog is too messy with the links and stuffs. No. No. I am not so gonna abandon all of you. I am doing some changes. I am preparing a new blog for blog lists only. And yes. I am doing that right now. I.ll let you know later.

Plus, I quit playing some games in Facebook already. Cafe World, FishVille, Ponzi Inc., Country Story and some more. I think it.s time for me to get serious. I am going to be a MedikGal after all. Sure life ain.t gonna be a bed of roses at the Main Campus later. It must be darn tough. And scary. God. I am nervous.

My Mom slow-talked me to quit TheSims. Uh-oh, that one is gonna be a tad difficult, Mommy. Well, I don.t wanna let your hope high but I.ll think about it and need some more time. FarmVille and PetVille are also on my list to be considered.

Guess a lot of things need to be sacrificed this year. Before going to MainCamp in Kuantan.

Mom. Dad. Can I not study Medicine?

Okay. I must be out of my mind. Slap me hard, somebody.

Tomorrow I.ll be going out with my family. But tons of works need to be completed. Dr.Salah.s bungkus assignment is due next Friday. Dr.Sohirin.s MidSem exam is going to be on Monday and Wednesday next week. Dr.Sohirin.s assignment on Humanism must be completed on the next Tuesday.

Oh. I am accepting requests in Facebook too. 52 FarmVille Gift requests. 49 FarmVille Egg requests.

Just so you know, it.s 12.58am now. Wireless is no more Useless. The signal.s Very Good. Good for Me. Everyone.s sleeping but I.m still facing you. I might as well stay up for the whole night. Waiting for Subuh prayer would be an excellent idea, aite?

Suddenly I am thinking about my ex-schoolmates and friends. They are studying overseas now. Of course I feel left out. But it.s not like I am so extremely eager to study abroad in the first place. I can always travel overseas alone, right?

Oh. Correction. I can always find a young, rich and handsome American guy to travel with, right?

Mind my manner, people. I.m always crazy during this hour.

I am going to eat my second Nasi Lemak now.


  1. pah! you're eating 2 packets of nasik lemak in the middle of the night?

    ok paham, penat ye study ungs...huhu.truskn2. aku suport.hehe

  2. yupp! ouh, teha tak penah buat ek? try ar, kenyang giler, nk tido pn x senang. thehehe.

    well. thank you 4 ur understanding! :D

  3. pah, aku pun dh quit men game fb. tinggal cafeworld je. haha.
    tp kan, wifi aku pkul 1am pun still lemb. mybe bdk2 area room aku suka tido lambat? huuu

  4. bagus3. contoh trbaek la weyh.. :D ha yela tu kot. ko kene bangun sblom subuh ah kalo nk surf. alg2 bleh qiyamullail skali. 2 in 1 tu... :)

  5. cheer up girl...

    "a young, rich and handsome American guy to travel with" seems to be a good idea

    they happen to have "a young, rich and handsome American moslem guy" to travel with... i guess

  6. haha. agree! that.s what i shoulda write, dee. :)