Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally... A Truce

I bet most of you would want to know what happened to me yesterday. Considering the fact that I told you in the first place, I.ll tell you the rest of it then.

Last night I had a good talk with my Mom and Dad in their room. The 'talk' was almost an hour long. Yeah, crying and begging were involved.

But as I expected, my parents would not want to let me change that easy. My Dad said, No Nego in this matter. He is sure a strict guy. My Mom prefers using the reverse-psychology kinda thing. You know what I meant, most Mom always do that.

In the end, they asked me to stay in Medicine. My Dad.ll be giving me full support, so does my Mom. They wanna see me being a professional someday. Since I already devoted my 2 years in Medic, they think it.s a big waste to quit now.

They just want the best for me. I think I.ll be able to understand.

Thank you guys, for the advice and suggestion yesterday. And thanks to Ayunni for the late-night call. :)

The thing that I learned is that, It is better to face the problems head on; don.t be a coward. And just keep moving forward. Oh, and one more thing, you can.t get what you want from your parents by showing your long face and act moody all the time. The better way is to treat them nicely and show your best behaviour. My Dad told me the tricks yesterday. :)

If let say I couldn.t make myself to love Medicine, I.ll do this for the sake of my parents. I.ll just go with the flow, I guess. But I will still keep that dream of mine even after I end my studies.

So.... at last the family conflict is solved. No more sulking. No more depression and dissatisfaction.

Say Goodbye to the Old Me.

Waaaahhhhh... it sure feels good to be back again!! :D


  1. right on kak pah~~~~!!!!


    all the best~~

  2. you go girl!!

    we'll support u too.

    redha je la kan beb..

  3. slamat ko x gi...leh aku tgk ko lg...

  4. kak pah captain si gud girl.

    yea, kadang2 parents think tht they know best for their childrend. hehe..

    kte pegang, if we make our parents happy, InsyaAllah He'll help us to go tru and open the best path for us.

    all the best kak pah captain si anak ibu ayah yang baik (^^,)

  5. irf. thank you~~ :)

    fatin. betul3. :)

    anonym. ahahaha. tak boleh blah je. :p

    jibah. thanks jibah.. :)