Sunday, May 30, 2010

Too Late??

I like you to see something.

Go to and click
Check Application Status.

300844 is the Reference Number.

It is said that the letter of admission was sent to me on the past 12th May. But I din get it. It passed through my Dad, that.s why.

I check this today, so obviously I.m too late.

It saddens me a lot. I ain.t kiddin.

What should I do? Confront or Cower?

ps. I applied for this without anyone.s knowledge. Even my family. So I have the right to be nervous.


  1. do nothing. act innocent!

  2. confront.klu tak..sampai bile2 pun akak akan tertanya2,"kalaula hari tu aku bincang bebaik ngan ayah.."

    sy rs,kalau betullah ayah akak dpt surat tu,n sampai skang die senyap,die mesti tgah tunggu penjelasan dr akak.

    ayah mane yg tak sayangkan anak.
    talk nicely to him.kalu boleh,nangis2 sikit ke..hihi..(ok2,i dunno ur dad any better than u,sori,it jas that sy cek link tu td,i was like,ya Allah,bende mcm ni also happen in reality??sori for being such a bz body..sori sgt2,tp sy akan rs bersalah klu bdiam dr je)

    sempat lagi..tutup luk satu kan? ala..klu sampai lewat pun ,akak dah ade kat sana,depa mesti amik jgk.klu depa bnyk songeh ,akak katela "never late than never"
    Allah with us,always.

  3. seriously i'm shocked after looking at that link....

    nevertheless, its ur decision and do confrnt ur parents.... talk to them.... they know better...

    berusehe kak pah....

  4. Pah, I feel sorry for you and yes, shocked at the same time. It seems like you really take this passion of yours seriously.
    My friend's dad is a gynae bcoz he was forced by his dad (friend's grandpa) to take medicine.
    But now he's currently studying to become a lawyer.
    You know, you can do both things at the same time. Being a doctor doesn't mean that you have to throw away your dreams.

    In my case, I'd want to become a pharmacist and a..guess what? Musician at the same time, LOL.

  5. assalamualaikum....IMO, u should sit down n talk nicely with ur dad..all da bez :)

  6. dang.
    looking at these comments,
    i feel bad about my suggestion.

  7. salam.. i think, u better confront. maybe he's waiting for ur explaination. talk to him nicely.'ll be ok.gud luck! =)