Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When Girl Meets Boy

"Kak Ain, Alin rase Alin nak jadi small balik semula lah.. Alin taknak jadi big...", ngomel si 5-tahun-Adin.

"Kenapenye Alin, kan kite semua bila makin lama makin besar.. Mana ada orang jadi makin small bila dia dah besar...", ujar si kakaknya, mengharapkan si adik dapat menangkap maksud yang cuba disampaikannya.

"Alahh.. bila Alin big, sume kakak kakak Alin taknak main dengan Alin.. Waktu kecik dulu semua main dengan Alin...", petah si Alin membalas.

Si kakak terkelu. Terasa sebak seketika. Simpati kepada si adik bongsu seorang.

Si Adlin dan siapakah?? Adik baru?? Erk!!

Definitely not lah.. My Mom.s 44 already... He.s our cousin, Syed Nasrullah. Our relatives went to our house last week, so Adlin got a lil bit hyper-excited.

Peace out, baby!!

Too much excitement.s not gonna hurt, right??

Sh Adlin and Sy Nasrullah

My relatives visited us for the weekend only. Later that Sunday evening, they drove home already.

And that very night, Adlin called me. She sounded very sad.

I guess she misses having someone to play with.

No worries dear. You.ll get used to it when you.re older.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Of Zionist and Cadaver

This evening we The Zionist, eh.. The Zenith (to be exact, 14th Zenith: hell yeah that.s our batch name, you got problem with that?) had our Anatomy.s Lower Limb Practical class in the Medical Museum.

I am for sure don.t know all the names of the muscles by heart, I swear. The origin, insertion and the functions? Ugh. Bite me.

But it was fun to just been there listening to the corpse, eh... to Dr San2.s explanations, even though I had to take extra two minutes to concentrate real hard in figuring what was actually Pectineus muscle.

Oh. I know. It originates at pectineal line of pubis and inserts below lesser trochanter of femur! (Google.s useful, you know)

My groupmates and Dr San2 Lwin

Dissection Room in Medical Museum, Kulliyyah of Medicine

So, remind me where the hell is the Pectineus located again?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Remember I told you in this post about Adlin.s little monster, Anis aka Lily?

Well, seemed like my parents agreed to buy another Baby Alive for my lil sister.

From left: Lili, Adlin and Shasha

Now it.s a Girl.

And when I asked Adlin about her name, she told me it.s Lily.


"Kan Doll Alin yang dulu tu dah name Lily. Carilah nama lain pulak..."

"Eh salah salah. Dulu tu nama dia Muhammad Lily. Yang ni pulak Syed Shasha..."

I was so busy laughing I din even bother to correct her.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monkis Menace

Our campus is serenely beautiful. You will be amazed at the breathtaking view of the green landscape and exotic location in which our University is set in; away from the business and chaotic life of the city. The campus is surrounded by green hills, with lakes and streams running through it.
(Chairman of Ta'aruf 2010/2011 July Intake)

Almost two weeks here in IIUM Kuantan, I find the statements are surprisingly true.

But I think this teeny-tiny detail needs to be included as well: the diversity of animals dwelling around the campus.

I once accidentally met the gaze of a stray dog on my way back to Mahallah. Real-life dog? Of course lah. Our seniors told us that the stray dogs always wander along the road especially at night. I guess we.ll get used to the whole dog-around-the-road soon enough.

And as our Mahallahs (hostels) are 'serenely located adjacent to the lush trees, green hills and flowing streams', these creatures are also our best companions:

Meet the Monkeys, people!

We saw like 5 of them leisurely moving around the area behind Mahallah T2

This monkey even managed to climb up to the Fourth Floor!
It was trying to open the window, can you believe it?
This pic was taken from my room. Cool, huh?

Yes. They broke into the rooms with opened windows, ransacked the lockers and grabbed the food. Nasi bungkus, Air kotak, Tuna... they got 'em all!

Well, that.s quite a normal phenomena when you.re living in a jungle.

Er.. did I say jungle?

Tsk. I meant, surrounded by 'green hills, with lakes and streams running through it'.

Who knows, a tiger or a gorilla or an elephant might come out soon?

Memo To You

This post is dedicated to Nur 'Ayunni bt Abd Razak!

Yun, ko dengar tak????

Saturday, July 17, 2010

V For Victory

Image credit to: Munirah Shakirah aka Shake
Winner of Senior-Freshie Talentime Show at Auditorium KOM, IIUM

Sweet! :D

ps. I shoulda hold an 'Animator' instead of 'Doctor'.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Childhood Revisited

Last holiday, my Standard-4 sister asked for my help to build a mock-prototype of a Computer. She wanted to join a competition at her school.

At first I refused. Duh. Who would be so interested in wasting time helping your lil' sister creating a mini computer? Tsk.

Then she told me it was no ordinary one. It was called 'The Future Computer'.
I was like.. "Ouhh.. not bad..."

And ideas were flowing like crazy. I decided to give it a try.

A mess in the workplace where the parts and components of the computers were assembled

Tah-daaa!!! Muahahahaha I did it!! Er.. WE did it!! :puteh_12:
The brand is EPAL as it is a Malaysian-made computer.
Cute tak, cute tak? Tak boleh blah je kan..

And to my surprise, yesterday she called me and told me that WE won the first place of the competition!! What a joy! :puteh_19:

Days before submitting the mini-computer, my Form-5 sister - Jehan told me, "Alaahh... ni komfem menang punye, mane ade budak Darjah 4 yang lain boleh buat sampai macam ni... Ni menang punye lah.."

Thehehee. Guess it was an expected winning after all. Nevertheless, I am still so happy!!

Back in my primary school, we didn.t do these kinds of stuffs you know. So it kinda explains my over-enthusiastic behaviour.

I feel like being a kid again.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pack Lightly... Really

Tomorrow.s the day for our Tilawah and Fundamental Knowledge tests. To determine whether we have to attend Fardhu Ain class or join Study Circle session (Usrah/Halaqah) during our study period here. Honestly said, I.m not really good in Tajwid and Quranic Knowledge. Guess I just have to do my best tomorrow morning.

Changing of topic now. The day before I registered here, I received an SMS saying that it is advisable to pack our belongings lightly cuz we.ll be going to the Mahallah by UIA Bus. Vehicles are NOT allowed to enter the Mahallah area.

So I started packing.

Just bring the important stuffs lah. Towel. Baju kurungs. Telekung. Bedsheet.

Alaaahhh.. easy matter lah..

I cramped all my clothes and stuffs in just TWO bags, one bigger than the other.


Turned out I forgot to bring a PILLOW.

And WHITE SARONG to be paired with Baju Batik given by them.








Guess I packed things EXTRA-LIGHTLY.

I have to go back home tomorrow by hook or by crook.

To prepare my NOT-GONNA-BE-SO-LIGHTLY bags.

Tiring Taaruf

Glad today.s gonna be our Last Day of Taaruf. :puteh_19:

Last two days were pretty hectic.

With lots of briefings. And lots of info to absorb.

Shower at 4 am yesterday and another round of shower was at 12 midnight.

Great food though. So do the Seniors; they are awesome!

No Qiyamullail today means we can get up at 5, Yay!

Brothers aren.t allowed to watch the Football Match cuz today.s the Big Day: Closing Ceremony of Taaruf Programme.

And that means... I have to get some sleep! Night2 everyone!

ps. I can.t believe I was homesick on the FIRST NIGHT being here.

But no worries, I.m okay now!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Big Day

Today I.ll register myself at IIUM Kuantan.

Hmm.. how does it feel exactly being a Junior at campus eh?

Guess I.m gonna find out soon enough.

And I.ll write about that later. (That is, if I.ll be able to keep myself alive during the first few days there)

Good Luck Me!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

FIFA Fever?

...Count me out of this matter. As far as I know, watching football match is never the same as watching My Sims living their life.

But I do know that Brazil lost to Netherlands. Moo! (Adlin likes to Moo! instead of Boo! Haha)

And I am well known that Argentina was out by 4-0 to Germany. Ghana was out too.

Only Spain made to the final round. Final? Hmm.. Final? We'll see about that.

No. I don.t have any favourite team yet. I.ll think of that later.

Who will win the Cup Of Life... I don.t know aka I don.t really care.

As for the comments and analysis, I.ll let Hasbullah Awang do the talking. :)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Meet My Twin! XD

People, I like to introduce you to my other half, Miz Nour El Aini.

Say cheese... sengihnampakgigi

ps. I love to buy the glasses but my Mom is not really a fan of Ugly Betty.

So, people.. You def don.t stand a chance to see me wearing that XL-glasses in UIA cuz I ain.t be able to persuade my Mom into letting me buying that Super-Cool-Glasses.

Oh My Glasses, Wait For Me. I.ll Buy You Someday!