Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Childhood Revisited

Last holiday, my Standard-4 sister asked for my help to build a mock-prototype of a Computer. She wanted to join a competition at her school.

At first I refused. Duh. Who would be so interested in wasting time helping your lil' sister creating a mini computer? Tsk.

Then she told me it was no ordinary one. It was called 'The Future Computer'.
I was like.. "Ouhh.. not bad..."

And ideas were flowing like crazy. I decided to give it a try.

A mess in the workplace where the parts and components of the computers were assembled

Tah-daaa!!! Muahahahaha I did it!! Er.. WE did it!! :puteh_12:
The brand is EPAL as it is a Malaysian-made computer.
Cute tak, cute tak? Tak boleh blah je kan..

And to my surprise, yesterday she called me and told me that WE won the first place of the competition!! What a joy! :puteh_19:

Days before submitting the mini-computer, my Form-5 sister - Jehan told me, "Alaahh... ni komfem menang punye, mane ade budak Darjah 4 yang lain boleh buat sampai macam ni... Ni menang punye lah.."

Thehehee. Guess it was an expected winning after all. Nevertheless, I am still so happy!!

Back in my primary school, we didn.t do these kinds of stuffs you know. So it kinda explains my over-enthusiastic behaviour.

I feel like being a kid again.


  1. cantik gila ok? hahaha mmg betul ape adik ko ckp. congratz neway (twds alin of cos):P

  2. yeke yeke? thehehe jgn la puji cm2, segan i tau.. XD