Monday, July 19, 2010

Monkis Menace

Our campus is serenely beautiful. You will be amazed at the breathtaking view of the green landscape and exotic location in which our University is set in; away from the business and chaotic life of the city. The campus is surrounded by green hills, with lakes and streams running through it.
(Chairman of Ta'aruf 2010/2011 July Intake)

Almost two weeks here in IIUM Kuantan, I find the statements are surprisingly true.

But I think this teeny-tiny detail needs to be included as well: the diversity of animals dwelling around the campus.

I once accidentally met the gaze of a stray dog on my way back to Mahallah. Real-life dog? Of course lah. Our seniors told us that the stray dogs always wander along the road especially at night. I guess we.ll get used to the whole dog-around-the-road soon enough.

And as our Mahallahs (hostels) are 'serenely located adjacent to the lush trees, green hills and flowing streams', these creatures are also our best companions:

Meet the Monkeys, people!

We saw like 5 of them leisurely moving around the area behind Mahallah T2

This monkey even managed to climb up to the Fourth Floor!
It was trying to open the window, can you believe it?
This pic was taken from my room. Cool, huh?

Yes. They broke into the rooms with opened windows, ransacked the lockers and grabbed the food. Nasi bungkus, Air kotak, Tuna... they got 'em all!

Well, that.s quite a normal phenomena when living in a jungle.

Er.. did I say jungle?

Tsk. I meant, surrounded by 'green hills, with lakes and streams running through it'.

Who knows, a tiger or a gorilla or an elephant might come out soon?


  1. hahahaha! exactly the same problem we face here in gombak: stray dogs and monkeys.

    tapi dah lama dah tak jumpa monkeys. stray dogs tu quite often jugak lah, lol.

  2. hahaha. that was my first time jumpe monkeys lepas dah lame tak pegi zoo.

    tu lah jakun sket tu.. XD

  3. me and my friend noticed that the monkeys preferred to be at the 4th floor to steal food.

  4. ouh yeke? d higher d better quality of food kot, fiqah... xD