Monday, July 26, 2010

Of Zionist and Cadaver

This evening we The Zionist, eh.. The Zenith (to be exact, 14th Zenith: hell yeah that.s our batch name, you got problem with that?) had our Anatomy.s Lower Limb Practical class in the Medical Museum.

I am for sure don.t know all the names of the muscles by heart, I swear. The origin, insertion and the functions? Ugh. Bite me.

But it was fun to just been there listening to the corpse, eh... to Dr San2.s explanations, even though I had to take extra two minutes to concentrate real hard in figuring what was actually Pectineus muscle.

Oh. I know. It originates at pectineal line of pubis and inserts below lesser trochanter of femur! (Google.s useful, you know)

My groupmates and Dr San2 Lwin

Dissection Room in Medical Museum, Kulliyyah of Medicine

So, remind me where the hell is the Pectineus located again?

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