Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tiring Taaruf

Glad today.s gonna be our Last Day of Taaruf. :puteh_19:

Last two days were pretty hectic.

With lots of briefings. And lots of info to absorb.

Shower at 4 am yesterday and another round of shower was at 12 midnight.

Great food though. So do the Seniors; they are awesome!

No Qiyamullail today means we can get up at 5, Yay!

Brothers aren.t allowed to watch the Football Match cuz today.s the Big Day: Closing Ceremony of Taaruf Programme.

And that means... I have to get some sleep! Night2 everyone!

ps. I can.t believe I was homesick on the FIRST NIGHT being here.

But no worries, I.m okay now!

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