Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Broken Things

This morning when I woke up for Sahur, I accidentally knocked my beloved-red-colourful-polka-dot-mug from the shelf. A sound loud enough to wake up my roomie as well.

As I looked at the pieces of the shattered glass (ceramic, to be precise but glass sounds more dramatic), I swear I could feel my heart melted at the same time.

I was deeply upset cuz we.ve been together for almost two years. We clicked. We matched. We suited each other so well that I always felt comfortable be with it. The Chemistry was there. Was.

Now it.s gone, I need some time to recuperate after the tragic incident.

So long, My Precious Polka Red Mug. 

Let.s treasure our history together. 

Rest In Peace.

A picture to enlighten the gloomy mood: 
Edited version of The Sims + Adlin that I did using Photoshop.

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