Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cracked CS

What happens if you got the Full Version of several softwares for less than RM30?

I.ll tell you what, this happens.

My Dad got me an Adobe Web Premium CS3 DVD! Yeah I know CS3 is sooo last season, but I.m using Vista. It.s too risky to get a CS5. I think I.m happy with this one. For now.

And what happens if you are overly excited to try out the application without considering the result of your so-called Hands-On-Experiment?

Well Well Well...

You got yourself a Standard-One-Drawing.

ps. It is so difficult to draw by using a Mouse, I think I.m gonna buy a Drawing Tablet...


  1. that's not so standard one dear.
    ok je tu.
    by the way,looking for tablet too.
    mane nak cari eh??
    tahu x harga berapa??

  2. haha. drawing tablet? try google Wacom Tablet.

    kat malaysia bnyk je stores yg jual, kat kuantan ni xde.. not sure about the price..

    ps. nak try usha My Dad mtk tlg belikn 1... :)