Monday, August 09, 2010

Dialect Dilemma always want to ask this one particular question to my friend, but usually I forget. So this evening, I couldn.t resist to ask her this:

"Yun, kenapa dengan Syuk ko sokmo cakap Kelantan, tapi dengan aku ko cakap biasa je?" 
(Yeah, the question is grammatically incorrect. Kelantan is a dialect, not a language. I know, no need to be so skema. I mean, you understand what I was trying to say, aite??)

Considering the fact that I firmly asked for a solid reason why, she explained that our friend Syuk aka Suki has a thick Terengganu dialect so, indirectly she'll be compelled to use the Kelantan dialect when talking to Syuk.

Oh come on Yun, this is clearly a bias. A prejudice against non-Kelantanese.

I feel discriminated.

I know I.m being foolish and childish but still.. what happens to the equal human rights, people?

ps. Well, perhaps it.s better for me to start learning my Pahang dialect too.  Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang - the 1Malaysia inter'dialect'al buddies. Pretty cool, huh?

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