Thursday, August 19, 2010

ECG Demo

Yesterday, our class became pretty chaotic because a brother was suddenly unconscious.

Lucky for us, Dr Maung Maung Cho was there. Actually, he was lecturing us about The Abdomen and The Electrocardiogram when the incident happened.

The brother was then being carried to the front of the class.

 Suddenly everyone started to have a look at him. I stood up too. It.s not like we can see a situation like this everyday. It was surely an opportunity not to be missed. Ouh... Poor that guy.

Dr Maung2 Cho tried to wake him up with the help of a Medical Staff who happened to pass by outside our class.

Seeing that he didn.t regain consciousness yet, Dr Maung2 Cho decided to use him for our lecture purpose. He was used as a test subject for Electrocardiogram Demonstration.

We agreed. After all, it was a golden chance to see what was like to detect the heart rate of an unconscious person.
The ECG was set up and the heart rate was measured.

Turned out the result was normal.

Yeah, because he was awake. And he was never passed out in the first place.

Only then I realised that The Dramatic Scene was just in My Imagination.
Darn. It is surely interesting to have a knocked-out person as a Test Subject.

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