Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kring Kring!

.... Yes Hello? Who.s there?
Oh. It.s you, Ramadhan. Nice to hear from you again.

Wahh it.s Ramadhan, people. I can.t believe time flies so fast. 

30 days to go before we, Muslims celebrate Eidul Fitri. 19 days more to go before we, the 14th Zenith.ll be having our very first Mini Test. And 2 months to go before the first End Block 1 Exam.

God. The thought of Exams terrifies me a lot. I shouldn.t waste time no more. No more The Sims. No more Scrubs. And definitely no more Internet.

Tsk. Who am I kidding? Who would believe that I.ll be able to give up those things easily?

Okay. Since today.s the first day of Ramadhan, I think I can try to reduce (I say reduce, not quit) the aforementioned distractions so that my 30 days of Ramadhan.ll be blessed and my upcoming Exam.ll be somewhat less frightening.

Ah. I just hope I can persuade myself to do More Study, Less Play.

So my fellow friends, let.s make a brand new intention, a strong determination and aim to be a slightly better person. Even if it means pushing ourselves to carry out the good deeds for.. say, only a month, it.s worth a try.

Cuz Ramadhan just rings, people. You wanna hold on or let go?

It.s your call.

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