Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Makeover Madness

Try having a cup of sugarless Nescafe Classic as early as 5.15 in the morning; you.ll find it hard to forget the bitter taste afterwards. Ugh.

Remind me to include 'sugar packets' in my To-Buy-List. I strongly refuse to have the same version of the coffee ever again. Ughhh. 

Now, speaking of Madness.. I am sooo liking the new Toy Makeover Station that my parents got for my sister. It is so awesome because it comes together with necklaces, rings, lipsticks, bracelets and other make-up stuffs. How cool is that??

Note to self: I am so gonna get one like this for my daughter.s 5th birthday. (10 years to go before I.m ready to jump into The Commitment; guess it.s too soon to make a baby plan now, isn.t it?)

But if it.s gonna be a boy, I wouldn.t wanna Gay-Transform him. I.ll think of something else for his 5th birthday present.

Hmmm.... maybe a Toy Hairdressing Salon Station. A dark purple one. 

Okay okay. With only a small portion coloured pink. A shade of light pink, to be exact.

What?? It is LESS feminine..

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