Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Same old, same old..

Sahur at 5, Subuh prayer, Surf Net, Sleep Study in class...

Back to Mahallah, Buy food, Break fast...

...And the cycle continues, repeats and recycles. Today is like every other days in Ramadhan. Except for the fact that I nearly finish up an entire bowl of extremely-sour Tomyam this Sahur.

Oh wait a second. I had eaten Nasi Goreng Pattaya (which tasted weird) during Sahur yesterday too! I wonder why I had stomachache..

The thing is, they didn.t taste very good. I bought the food the night before and kept them for Sahur the next day. What, do you expect me to eat Maggi Goreng Perisa Sambal Pedas every morning at 5 o'clock?

Like I said, the cycle repeats.. and it will once again.


  1. same goes with me.
    the cycle might not be the same, but everyday,for 2,3 weeks,i've been lethargic.
    i wish i would have the chance to rest all i want this weekend.

  2. oyt makcik, adeke simpan nasi grg utk sahur? ish3 mne tak sakit perot.. belila nasi putih ngn lauk goreng2 aka ikan goreng ke telur dadar goreng ke barula tahann~ tak kreatif btul la syarifah ni. haha

  3. fqah - ala kesiannya.. biasala fqah, itu baru namany org berpuasa kan.. :)

    frzy - beb. aq bknnya ape, nak berexperimentasi dgn plbagai jnis mknn yg ade; utk mgkaji selama mana masa yg dperlukan utk mnjadi basi.. itu gue kira kretip banget dong.. :)