Friday, August 20, 2010

Order An Instant Bride

Lee (right) showing the documents he signed to acquire his Vietnamese bride.

JOHOR BARU: A 50-year-old businessman’s hopes of a blissful married life with his 22-year-old Vietnamese bride-to-be was shattered in just a day.

Lee Law Oh said he paid RM6,000 to a match-making agency, which then “delivered” her to him.

“However, when she arrived at my house, she told me that she did not want to be married,” he told a press conference organised by Johor Baru MCA Youth chief Kua Song Tuck here yesterday. 

“I sent her back to the agency the next day. But the agency refused to refund my money and insisted that it was my fault the marriage did not happen. I really want to end my bachelor days as I don’t want to die alone. I was so close to achieving happiness, but it was gone all too soon.”

Kua said there was a growing trend for men in Johor to acquire Vietnamese brides through match-making agencies, but many were duped instead. “As most of these men are desperate to settle down, they became easy prey for such Vietnamese women and their agencies, and were cheated of thousands of ringgit,” he said.

“I advise single men not to resort to foreign bride agencies as they might be duped in the end,” he said.


Finding a Spouse is as easy as ABC nowadays. Matchmaking agencies are everywhere!

The easiest way would be through this link: where you can find aplenty of choices in the categories of Friendship, Romance, Love, Penpal, Dating, Valentine, Traveller and many more. You can also choose whether you want the person: Single, Widow, Widower, Divorcee or of the Late Marriage.

For Muslims, the most popular matrimonial site would be where single Muslims over the age of 18 meet other Muslims or admirers interested in culture, Muslim marriage and the Muslim way of life. Sounds cool, huh?

Anyway, if you choose to get married by using an Internet Matchmaking Service, be sure to meet the real person face-to-face first before giving out the payment. Make sure you guys are comfortable around each other, and the most important thing is... Be Yourself. If that person.s not interested in you, go browse another partner. You got thousands more waiting in the Matchmaking List.

But to be safe, don.t deal with the Foreign Matchmaking Agency lah.. Orang Malaysia pun apa kurangnya.... 

ps. Selalu tengok orang Korea/Jepun dalam drama, diorang suka sangat guna agensi cari jodoh. Aishh, rasa macam nak cube try test la pulak.. huhu, sounds desperate tak??


  1. lol.. even if they get married, i dont think it'll work out for long.. =P

  2. more like a sporting room than a matchmaking agency to me