Thursday, August 26, 2010

Speaking of Creative...

...I would lurve to prove some points here. For the last few days of Ramadhan and days onwards, I consider myself as a Food Analyst. A Genius One. Oh, Creative too. ;)

Let.s just say.. been doing lots of new experiments lately, and I am pret-ty sure I am satisfied with the outcome. Take yesterday.s Tomyam for instance. It was sour, but it can still be eaten. Point 1: Tomyam-lovers can still enjoy the taste of Tomyam even if it was kept overnight at room temperature. The bacteria were present, I.m sure of it.. But I was talking about the Hardcore Tomyam Fan, Duh..  They don.t really care about these little teeny tiny, petty stuffs..

Secondly, the taste of Nasi Goreng Pattaya was quite tolerable. Sure sure it tasted weird, but I was able to endure throwing the portions of the egg-coated rice into my mouth without thinking of anything related to Expired. Stale. Bad. Ewww. Point 2: Nasi Goreng Pattaya too, can withstand the room temperature without getting all mouldy. also eaten Plain Rice with Telur Dadar. Of course we all know, it is a long-lasting dish. But the egg was a bit.. well, juicy. Pardon the use of exaggerating words, I.m trying to be creative here, remember? Point 4: Plain Rice and a side dish make the best option for your Sahur meal. After all, we all got our own Rice-Cooker, right? Oupss~ 

Considering the fact that I went back to my house every weekends for the last few weeks, it was Heavenly Sahur every Monday mornings. You know why? Because my Mom packed me a set of Homemade Meals! I love My Mom. Of course the food were reheated and refrigerated the night before. Point 4: Mom.s cooking is the best! Now go and call your Mom, ask for a Sahur Set too!

And today, it was Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin time... in which, what they say is true: it does not last long. To be accurate, it was sticky. Like you put some glue into the rice and mix them together. Eww. I know, right? But I don.t really mind. Because the quest to go deep into this field requires patience. And always be ready to get dirty. Okkaaay.. that sounds dirty. Point 5: Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin under Room Temperature is definitely a No-No during Sahur

Given my Sahur meal was completely ruined due to the Gluey-Guey fried rice, I made myself a nice bowl of Maggi Goreng Perisa Sambal Pedas. This type of food does not qualify for the test as it was not kept overnight. But just for a future reference: During the day, please refrain yourself from Public Burping - it.s gonna be Megi-Smelly.. And Junk Food is bad for your health.

Dear Miss Fareez, thank you for initiating the idea for this post. Last point being, now turned your sweet sarcastic remark into a nice, lengthy an enjoyable reading! I am truly creative, am I not? In your face! (OMG, I am soo loving myself right now ;) No offence Fareez, No offence... Theheeee...)

ps. Tell me, which part of me being creative you find it difficult to accept? ;)


  1. oh. too late syarifah. i had experimented all those foods long long time ago, when we were in cfs. maybe i'm wayyy to creative for you to catch up with my sarcasm? hahaaaa
    anyway, NICE POST XD
    ps: no wonder i've thos itchy instinct to check ur blog.. nakal eh

  2. hahahaha...
    yeah right.. thanks :)

    oh oh, lupe nak tulis: post dedicated to Miss Fareezah Ramli ahahaha XD