Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tips For Eating Well (or not!)

WHILE Ramadan is a time for us to gain some perspective on the suffering of the poor and unfortunate, many tend to go berserk on a food binge. This leads to wastage and also mindless eating which can take a toll on one’s body.  

Mary Easaw-John (pic), senior manager of dietetics and food services at the National Heart Institute (IJN), provides some tips on proper food consumption during Ramadan.

1. Maintain a sustainable diet. Avoid taking oily fried food and refined carbohydrates for sahur. Consume nutrient-dense meals which consist of brown rice, wholemeal bread, naan or chapati, as well as fruits and vegetables, to stay full longer.

2. Avoid over-indulging in sugary food. Kuih, cakes and sugar-laden biscuits should be consumed in moderation. Opt for dates (kurma), which have slow sugar-releasing components, or fresh fruits.

3. Remember to rehydrate when breaking fast. Drink lots of water, sugar-free juices or milk and avoid coffee or tea as these act as diuretics which can cause dehydration.

4. Chew your food. Eating fast without proper chewing will lead to indigestion and discomfort. Take your time and do not rush through your meal.

Taken from The Star Metro, August 22


WHILE Ramadan is a time for us to reflect about the hardship of the poor and unfortunate to get nice and decent meals, many tend to adopt the habit of I JUST DON.T CARE. Of course this improper behaviour will lead to food wastage and in the long term, contribute to an unhealthy body.

Nour El Ain, senior manager of dietetics and food services in her own house, provides some tips on improper food consumption during Ramadan.

1. Maintain a regular intake of plain rice with lauk-pauk during sahur to stay full longer during the day. Avoid taking Gardenia bread with strawberry jam or Maggi Goreng Perisa Sambal Pedas as those kind of meals will not make your stomach full.

2. Avoid eating light meals like kuih-muih or plain biscuit during sahur. Opt for the ones that you think you will miss the most when you start fasting, like Moist Chocolate Cake, Mango Pudding or Vanilla Ice-Cream with a Cherry on Top.

3. Remember to drink a lot of water (a lot!) when breaking fast. Plain water or Juices can rehydrate your body and prevent food consumption. This will reduce the food wastage. Better yet, you don.t have to buy any food at all because drinking water alone can make you full. (try bloated!)

4. Chew your food as fast as you can because Sahur time is almost over!! Tulah, sape suruh bangun sahur pukul 5.30pagi... 

This message is brought to you in order to remind you NOT TO WASTE FOOD during Ramadhan.  

And rajin-rajinlah bangun sahur, sebab pahalanya banyak berkali ganda..

Renung-renungkan dan.. Selamat Beramal...


  1. so LIKE!!!
    tadi bangun kul 5++,baru nak masak nasik.
    and at last,me, ratah lauk je.