Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 Treasure Islands

Few weeks ago, I watched KBS.s Music Box Bank with Shadow, my sister. It happened to be FT Island Comeback Moment on Stage. And I was like, OMG FT Island! I.m not a die-hard-fan of this group, but I like them. :)

So I YouTubed the song. Turned out that Ft Island was the winner of the week in Music Bank (10/09/10). Whoa!

FT Island is a South Korean Boy Band consists of 5 members: Choi Jong Hun [Leader, Guitarist, Keyboardist], Song Seung Hyun [Guitarist, Rapper], Choi Min Hwan [Drummer], Lee Jae Jin [Bassist, Rapper] and of course, the adorable Lee HongKi [Lead Vocalist] :) When I first got to know about FT Island, I thought HongKi is the Leader, but it.s not him.  BTW, I think Jong Hun is more of a 'Leader Type' than HongKi. HongKi.s a bit... childish. :)

Love this song, it.s so catchy!

And as I browsed further, I found the English Cover of the song by Florey. It.s nice!


I just know FT Island sings Japanese songs also. They have released another Japanese single that has 3 tracks. It is called Brand-New Days. The other tracks are 'Music Life’ and ‘Treasure’. Here.s one of the song, have a look if you wanna hear they sing in Japanese language. :)

I know you wanna know more about the Korean stars and all, so bookmark these pages: and
Beware: If you are a fanatic of the Korean bands/stars, take a deep breath before you click the links. You might get too excited, causing your heart to beat rapidly - heart attack may follows.


OK OK That.s out of the topic. 

Read TheStar yesterday, StarTwo section titled 'Hello Hallyu' and I luuurve it! Thanks Sharmila Nair, I totally love your article! ;)

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