Sunday, September 05, 2010

Baiti Jannati

I love going back to my house every weekend. No doubt about that.

It is mainly because of the variety of FOOD available. Now with my sisters; 17yo Jehan and 14yo Shadow are on Hari Raya Holiday, the three of us get to decide the Break Fast Menu. 


Highly influenced by the Korean drama series :)

You know what else depict the Kor/Jap influence in our house? KBS is a must-watch channel in our house at least two hours a day. Music Box Bank too, but only if my Mom.s not around.

We got Jap/Kor Cookbook, Japanese rice,  Sushi Mat, and Chopsticks. Shadow is learning Korean language. Plus, she frequently updates her PSP with All Things Korean; MV, Variety Show, Drama Series and other stuffs. Jehan is the keeper of Kor/Jap drama series and movies. 10yo Izzah and 5yo Adlin, being the children of the house - quickly imitate and mimic all the lyrics sung by the elder sisters.

I prefer not to get myself too deeply involved in all these things, cuz I know when it comes to Addiction, I'm the worst. Ask My Sims, they know it all.

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