Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Caffeine Craving

This morn, I woke up late enough as it was 10 more mins left before Imsak. Seeing that I couldn.t be possibly having a bowl of Maggi Goreng Perisa Sambal Pedas, I was willing to not having any meal. Instead, I had this. (see left pic)

Conclusion: I think my life largely depends on Coffee. Any brand of coffee would do, but Nescafe Mild is preferable. I could not bear the consequences without you, Mr.N. You are my significant other ;) and I think I.m falling for you. Please, love me back.

(You know what to give me for my birthday present. Hint: It starts with a letter N, theheee)

I drink Radix too. And this one: Kopi Janggut (namanya mungkin agak pelik, tetapi setakat ini tiada sebarang komplikasi yang dialami oleh penulis sepanjang tempoh penulis meminum air kopi ini)

ps. rasa2 aq boleh jadi spokesperson untuk Nescafe tak? Saya Sayang Nescafe! ;)

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