Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photographer.s Eye

My eldest sis, Kak Nor attended Photography Class/Seminar to learn the so-called Art of Photography. Personally, I don.t think one needs to learn how to take pictures. I mean, all you need to do is just choose a decent, suitable angle of the subject and press the shutter. TADAA! Got a picture already. As easy as ABC, isn.t it?

Of course it.s that simple. But if someone wants to delve into the mystery of Real Photography, learning it seriously is not gonna hurt.

That.s why my sister managed to capture this:

Pilu di Hari Raya

And this:

Jalan-Jalan Lepak-Lepak

While I took this:

Errr.. Kehijauan Hutan?

"Ape awak amik gambar macam ni, banyak giler ruang kat atas tu. Awak nak ambik gambar orang ke, gambar hutan?" komen Kak Nor. Cehh.

"Itulah namanya Seni. Awak ape tau.." nak jugak aku membalas, berlagak Pro.

Hmph. Tak boleh jadi ni. Aku nak amek Kelas Fotografi jugak lah..

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