Monday, September 27, 2010

Self-analysed Urine

Being in a same Lab group with the boys is never been easy. Other than the benefits of Early Practical Time and Short Queue when waiting in line to get apparatus, I think the Cons outweigh the Pros.

One of the Cons is closely related to the level of our maturity when we are dealing with the 'severe' Experiments.

For instance, we had our Urinalysis Experiment few weeks ago. And it was... gruesome.

1. Trip to the toilet

2. Dipstick test - Physical and Chemical Examination 

We (me and my friends) had to take a long pause (and deep thinking) before we decided to use the Diagnostick Strip, so it was understandable if we said that the time was not enough for us to proceed with the Microscopic Examination.  

Act professional and Pretend that you are just carrying a normal container. The liquid inside is not urine, but fresh apple juice. Surely you don.t find it difficult to examine.

I tried to imagine that, unfortunately it didn.t work.

*Lung Function Test is another example. But we asked for a separate table from The Boys. Life is definitely easier without them ;)

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