Friday, September 03, 2010

What.s With IIMDP

To express my deepest feelings of ukhuwwah to our 'Dentists' Friends, let.s pretend that it is IIMDP - Islamic Input For Medical and Dental Purpose. Does it make you feel a lot better?

Firstly, I did not make the Arabic text by myself. I had asked my friend, Wafa' to help me with the translation. I even considered presenting the whole slides in Arabic but I guess the people who.ll able to understand me would only be Dr Emads and our Arabian friends.

Second of all, I would like to apologise to my PBL Group One for the flaws in the presentation. I.m sorry for not be able to conduct a SERIOUS PRESENTATION (Ali Sajjad, 2010) because somehow I don.t like being too rigid and plain. Of course I CAN present in a SERIOUS tone (try Monotone) yes, I definitely can, but the problem is, it.s gonna be a boring one and are you ready for that?

And not to forget to all the guys in my group especially our Leader, Mr.Hamdi. I am so sorry if my comments/opinions had hurt your feelings ego. We're cool, right? (I don.t hold any grudge against the guys in Zen14, but I bet all the sisters do share the same opinion as I am)

Fourth, I know I made mistakes, I did less elaboration and at times I gave a slightly inaccurate information (thanks Azam for pointing that out). I am not actually a pious person nor am I from Darul Quran. I don.t memorize the Quran by heart, I don.t know lots of religious facts, Hadith and other Islamic stuffs, but I tried my best to give us all a tazkirah (reminder) in which I hope, the message got through to you. That.s the reason I asked for Afiq's help just now. I.m slightly afraid of giving any more inaccurate info.

Fifth, we (PBL Group One) took a lot of time to prepare the Brochure, so please don.t throw it away. Do read it. If you think you did not get something out of my presentation, please refer back to the Brochure because the information is all there. And plus, it took me almost two hours to prepare the slides, so you better appreciate it. :)

I.d like to thank my group members: Hamdi, Afiq, Hanafi, Mujairimi, Firdaus, Shaiful, Saliha, Hannah, Zatul, Fadhilah, Syazzana and Athirah for your willingness in doing this together. You guys are the best!

To express my gratitude, I openly invite you to my house this forthcoming Raya. I.ll prepare the best meals and Duit Raya especially for you. But do take note that my family and I are gonna be at home during the Second and Third Day of Hari Raya only.

ps. kalau korang datang hari lain, aku takkan layan tau. tulah sebabnya aku berani ajak sebab aku tau korang takkan datang punye.... thehehe


  1. heh...kalau aku datang jugak??

    aku raye kat bkt setongkol nnt


  2. i like IIMP without the D better :P
    good job sister nour el ain (i missed the arabic part tho, dimmit. did any1 rec ur presentation? :D)

  3. hoho, presenter terbaik kot... best ja dengar... serius... :-)

    p/s: me too, prefer IIMP, instead of IIMDP... :-)

  4. me three vote for IIMP.. haha!! =P

    ak po x sempat tgk mse arabic part tu,, kte p bilik pah suh diye ulang semula part tu... =P

  5. ghafar. ahahaha ko braye ngan family ko je lah.. :)

    eja. sue. tiada siaran ulangan ye, mintak mahap.. ahahaha

    herie. thanks. :)