Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cool Vampires

Oh no. It wasn.t about Robert Pattinson from the Twillight series. Neither the Salvatore brothers (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder) in The Vampire Diaries.

It is The Late Night Expansion of TS3, people. It was out on the past Oct 26th, I pre-booked it already. Am waiting for the PostMan to visit my house. Hope it.ll be some days soon.

Recruit other Sims to be Vampires and attack the innocent Sim together! Muahahaha

A taste of fresh blood :)

The images were taken from the Vampire Producer Blog

Haishh, I hate waiting.

I am considering this actually. To buy 4000 SimPoints (SP) online here. It costs me 55.20SGD, which I converted it to MYD.... RM131.80. Whoaaaa. Not sure if it.s a worth of my scholarship money or not.

Guess I can buy the 1000SP or 2000SP first, only then I know.

But Late Night is definitely worth the shot. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

T for Tea

Although my friends and Adlin don.t really like this drink, I absolutely love its unique taste! :)

ps. should stop drink Nescafe. thinking of another brand of coffee to fall in love with :(

Sunday, October 24, 2010

E-Book Reader

There are many Electronic Book Readers in the market nowadays. Not only they make our busy life easier in terms of reading books, they also can be used for other purposes like listening to Music, make notes and others.

These are the e-book readers that we Malaysians can buy through MPH online.

First, the BenQ Reader
Normal price: RM1,199.00
Online price: RM1,099.00

Secondly, the Hanlin eReader V60
Normal price: RM899.00
Online price: RM849.00

And the one that I really really wanna get my hands on is the Iriver Story
Normal price: RM999.00

Seriously, I am dying to buy this. But it.s a bit pricey, I don.t think I.ll buy it now. It actually costs my 5-months-allowance, you know. But if scholarship.s in, well.. I.ll need to rethink. :)

To show you how cool it is, let.s look at this video:

God, let me have it please please..

Friday, October 22, 2010

Elephant Ride

Why travel to Thailand if you don.t meet The Elephants?

More excitingly... RIDE the elephants.

Look at how hard I gripped the side-rail. Gayat...

Time to take off!! :)

A bumpy ride, huh?

All of us rode two elephants altogether. My Dad, my Mom, Izzah and Adlin were on one; while me, Shadow and Kak Nor on another. The ride was too long - through the forest, up the hill and down again. At first it was adventurous, but few minutes later it became boring. And scary. As if the elephant would throw us off from his back.

My Mom wanted to get off the elephant early. At first, the elephant-men (the men who walked the elephant) did not allow us to do so, considering that we already paid for the ride, we might as well go all the way - but my Mom lied to them, said that she was pregnant and wanted to get down early.

They believed that, and we all turned back to the path where we first started the ride. Fuh.

Actually, it was not comfortable at all. I don.t know how people in the past can actually stand to ride the elephants.

You know what? I like to try riding on a Baby Elephant instead :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snorkelling Story

When we went to Phuket, the best thing was the Snorkelling experience. had my first time snorkelling in Pulau Pangkor ( if I.m not mistaken) few years back, but Snorkelling in Phi Phi Island was a lil bit different.

Well, should I say... challenging?

I couldn.t even reach the bottom of the sea with my feet, and that was scary! I felt like I was drowning helplessly at that particular time. Except there was a life jacket and my sisters to help me survived. Hoho. sounds terrifying, right?

For a girl who doesn.t know how to swim, yes it was definitely a throbbing and unforgettable experience. I only used the snorkel few times, because I was too busy balancing myself and trying hard not to drown!

I am willing to try it again next time, because the view under the sea was simply breathtaking. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exclusive Pass... my Old Time Collection. Let.s have a look, shall we?

Flood in our housing area few years back

My Dad and Mom.s wedding :)

Our unfinished house... and us

Okay, don.t laugh. I was a budak sekolah agama once :)

When I.m too lazy to type, I tend to publish pictures. Please expect more and more pictures to come :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Adik aku Adlin suka sangat cakap perkataan jahat.

"Kak Izzah ni jahat lah, buat Alin.."

Mak aku marah lah dia, sebab jahat tu bukannya perkataan yang baik pun nak disebut sebut.

Pastu adik aku pun tukar style.

"Kak Ain ni.. kenapa suka sangat menjahati Alin?"

Erm.. aku rasa penambahan imbuhan tu satu tindakan yang agak bijak.Hahaha.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Old Days

With cousins from my Mom.s side

With cousins from my Dad.s side

Aaaahh, suddenly wanna go back to being a child again :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oil-Free = Healthy Meal

 Lots of things you can do with vegetables.

 Get 'em out of the fridge. Different colour of veggies, if possible :)

Chop! Chop! Colourful, isn.t it? :)

Potato cubes must be cooked first, only then you can add the other veggies into the pan. 
And then... Tadaa!!

Note to self:
1. used margarine without the oil next time. Otherwise, it.ll be too greasy.
2. Buy Planta!
3. The potato should be sliced in a smaller cube.
4. Gotta try to cook them with a minimum amount of oil possible - that.ll be my next experiment.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Open House

Setting: Syawal
Venue: Somewhere around Balok
Objective: Raya Celebration 14th Zen

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hip Hip Happy!!

End of Exam tastes absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!! :D
Worry... a lil bit. Happy.. I think I can handle it! :D

Hello Miss Sunshine! Mornings make me feel great, especially this morning.. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alkisah Ziarah

Aku rasa hampir semua kunjungan aku ke rumah saudara-mara adalah hasil paksaan mak aku yang sangat2 lah menekankan kepentingan hidup bermasyarakat. Dan selalunya cubaan mak aku untuk 'mengajak' aku dan adik-beradik aku pergi beraya, berhasil sebab kami berasa insaf seketika tatkala mendengar tazkirah ringkas mak aku mengenai betapa perlunya seseorang mengenali saudara sendiri, kerana kami lah nanti yang akan meneruskan amalan menziarah ini andai mak dan ayah aku sudah tiada nanti. 

Jadi, dalam keadaan paksarela itu, aku mengikhlaskan jugak niat aku untuk pergi beraya. Dalam kotak fikiran dah terbayang kuih-raya yang bermacam-macam rasa dan bentuk yang akan dihidangkan. Apalah juga agaknya juadah Raya yang akan disediakan oleh tuan rumah, harap-harap nasi beriyani dengan daging dan acar. Aku kesat air liur yang meleleh.

Macam biasa, bila kita dah masuk dalam sesebuah rumah, kita akan salam dengan tuan rumah. Dan senyum lah sikit supaya tak nampak sangat yang kita ni tak berapa nak suka datang beraya kat rumah dia.

Pastu, biarkan mak ayah kita yang mengambil inisiatif untuk merancakkan perbualan dengan pihak tuan rumah. Kita duduk je sopan-sopan dan tengok muka tuan rumah, konon-konon kita ni cakna dengan ape bende yang sedang dibincangkan. Bila semua orang gelak, kita gelak. Bila orang serius, kita pun serius. 

Bila kita dah rasa tak bleh tahan tengok kuih-raya yang dah tersedia kat atas meja tu, kita renung je bekas-bekas kuih raya tu lama-lama. Dan berdoa supaya tuan rumah tu tergerak lah hati dia untuk mempelawa kita makan kuih raya dia. Selalunya, aku je yang dulu bukak bekas tu, tuan rumah tak kisah pun. Dia lagi suka ada lah, ade orang yang nak tolong menghabiskan kuih raya dia..

Dah rasa-rasa macam takde juadah 'berat' yang akan dihidangkan, kita pun mula lah buat hal masing-masing. Kalau ada TV dekat-dekat tu, jenguk-jenguklah skit. Kalau ada bawak PSP, ape lagi.. pandai-pandai lah coverline main senyap-senyap. 

Berborak-borak sesama adik-beradik pun amatlah sesuai, tapi slow-slowlah sket. Di samping dapat menghilangkan rasa bosan, dapat jugak mengurangkan rasa lapar perut.

Dan bila semua taktik dah habis digunakan, ambik lah kamera dan tangkaplah apa-apa je gambar rumah tu yang dirasakan menarik. 

Oh. Dan kalau berani, gambar tuan rumah skali.

Amatlah menguji kepantasan refleks kita, sebab kita kena pastikan yang tuan rumah tu tak perasan yang kita ni tengah amek gambar diorang.

Aku rasa lain kali aku nak bawak laptop lah time gi beraya, sambil menziarah boleh main Sims. Ape orang kata tu, sambil menyelam minum air? :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eid in Phuket

So my family and I spent 4 days of our Raya in Phuket, Thailand and it was pretty awesome.

Pass to travel to another Port

Now Everyone Can Fly
Wanna tell you more, but I think I.ll do it after EBE :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Be Not Afraid

First day of End Block Exam - Long Essay and Short Essay.

Nervous. Stress. Focus...

And Never Run Away..

Face the problem head-on, so that there.ll be no regrets later :) 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

EBE vs TS3

Yes, EBE.s tomorrow. Wanna know what.s in my mind right now?

TS3 definitely!

Doing homework

Listening to Mommy.s tummy

  A Tatoo Artist and A Grumpy Gal

Flirting Temptation
Haishh. I need to focus and focus on EBE beforehand. Only then I.ll be able to play comfortably without any guilt feelings afterwards.


Saturday, October 09, 2010


I hate waiting for food. Because there.s not much thing to do. That.s when a newspaper, novel, magazine and PSP come in handy..

Test for patience

Beef Noodle Soup
As the foods were absolutely deliiicious, of course the total amount was delicious too.

Costly Meals

Although it.s a bit expensive, but it.s definitely worth it! Burp! Ops, sorry. :)

Friday, October 08, 2010

Sup Tak Menjadi

Hajatnya aku nak buat plain sup ayam yang kuahnya kaler putih, tapi disebabkan aku suka-suka hati je masukkan Perencah Sup Kurma, so sup tu dah bertukar kaler jadi macam ni. Sup Bunjut pun aku masukkan skali. Rasa dia macam pelik sket, tapi boleh je aku makan dengan nasi.. Between 5-10, aku bagi rate 7 la... Hmm.. not bad kan kan? :)

Actually, agak sedap la jugak rasa dia... nape, tak pecaye?

Ha! Tengok tu? Macam biasa la, adik aku makan apa-apa je yang aku masak. Aku rasa dia senyum melebar tu maksudnya dia amat berpuas hati dengan masakan aku lah.. Bingo! :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Library Lullaby

This is our library. It is smaller than MPH, OU and it has fewer collection of books than Kinokuniya, KLCC. They say the construction for a new Library Building will be finished in a few years. I.m looking forward to that.

Many students don.t know there.s a hidden spiral stairs in the library..

And there.s a special area where you can have a good day sleep comfortably :)

*gambar di atas merupakan hasil kerja kawan-kawan aku: Syuki or Yunn aku tak brapa sure. Sesungguhnya diorang memang suka mengambil kesempatan ke atas aku time aku tengah tido. Memang amat kebudak-budakan.. :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mirror Mirror..

...on the Wall, Who is the fairest of 'em all..

A mirror is essential in my our life, no doubt about that.

Can you imagine what it.s gonna be like if there.s not even a single mirror exists on this world?

There.s always the Translucent Window :)