Sunday, October 24, 2010

E-Book Reader

There are many Electronic Book Readers in the market nowadays. Not only they make our busy life easier in terms of reading books, they also can be used for other purposes like listening to Music, make notes and others.

These are the e-book readers that we Malaysians can buy through MPH online.

First, the BenQ Reader
Normal price: RM1,199.00
Online price: RM1,099.00

Secondly, the Hanlin eReader V60
Normal price: RM899.00
Online price: RM849.00

And the one that I really really wanna get my hands on is the Iriver Story
Normal price: RM999.00

Seriously, I am dying to buy this. But it.s a bit pricey, I don.t think I.ll buy it now. It actually costs my 5-months-allowance, you know. But if scholarship.s in, well.. I.ll need to rethink. :)

To show you how cool it is, let.s look at this video:

God, let me have it please please..

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