Friday, October 22, 2010

Elephant Ride

Why travel to Thailand if you don.t meet The Elephants?

More excitingly... RIDE the elephants.

Look at how hard I gripped the side-rail. Gayat...

Time to take off!! :)

A bumpy ride, huh?

All of us rode two elephants altogether. My Dad, my Mom, Izzah and Adlin were on one; while me, Shadow and Kak Nor on another. The ride was too long - through the forest, up the hill and down again. At first it was adventurous, but few minutes later it became boring. And scary. As if the elephant would throw us off from his back.

My Mom wanted to get off the elephant early. At first, the elephant-men (the men who walked the elephant) did not allow us to do so, considering that we already paid for the ride, we might as well go all the way - but my Mom lied to them, said that she was pregnant and wanted to get down early.

They believed that, and we all turned back to the path where we first started the ride. Fuh.

Actually, it was not comfortable at all. I don.t know how people in the past can actually stand to ride the elephants.

You know what? I like to try riding on a Baby Elephant instead :)

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