Saturday, October 02, 2010

'Revision' Week?

Hmm. Today is so-called the Revision Day. Starting from today, 2nd until 10th, I have to focus on studying. Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Histology, Haematology - all chapters need to be covered.

So you know what it means. No more The Sims 3 and no more Internet. Means no more blog posts.

Is that so?

Totoottttt!! You got it wrong.  :)

I will continue to blog everyday. To be exact, my blog will be updated on a daily basis.

Well, if you think that I am so clever that I don.t have to revise or you think that I have done studying and already prepare myself for the End Block Exam (EBE), well... wrong again.

Here.s the secret. Actually, I got all things covered from the start. ;)

'Click' or 'Save and Zoom' to get a clearer image

I SCHEDULED all the posts so that the exact post that I want will be automatically published at the exact time as I set. For the Bloggers who wanna know how to do it, it is very simple.

1. Create a 'New Post'.
2. Click at 'Post Options' at the left side below the Text Box
3. On your right, there.s 'Post date and time', click 'Scheduled at'
4. Fill in the Date and Time you want the post to be published
5. Most important: After done writing your post, click 'Publish Post'
6. Go to 'Edit Posts' to check: you will have 'Scheduled' written beside your post (refer to the image above)
Now I don.t have to worry as this is exactly the post that.s going to be published today. On October 2nd.

So, all of you can still come by and read my blog even though I am not writing a post on that particular day. No worries, the least interesting post will only be an Extra-Large Image, and a Short Description (XLSD). I promise, you.ll still be able to enjoy it. 

BTW, just in case curious to know - Today is Wednesdayday, 29th September :)

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