Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snorkelling Story

When we went to Phuket, the best thing was the Snorkelling experience. had my first time snorkelling in Pulau Pangkor ( if I.m not mistaken) few years back, but Snorkelling in Phi Phi Island was a lil bit different.

Well, should I say... challenging?

I couldn.t even reach the bottom of the sea with my feet, and that was scary! I felt like I was drowning helplessly at that particular time. Except there was a life jacket and my sisters to help me survived. Hoho. sounds terrifying, right?

For a girl who doesn.t know how to swim, yes it was definitely a throbbing and unforgettable experience. I only used the snorkel few times, because I was too busy balancing myself and trying hard not to drown!

I am willing to try it again next time, because the view under the sea was simply breathtaking. 

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