Thursday, November 25, 2010

Aidil Adha Desserts

We don.t really celebrate Aidil Adha as merry as Aidil Fitri.s and I.m fine with that. At least I.m free to stay at home all day - well except when they slaughter the cows, we all just too eager to watch. Especially at times when a sudden gush of blood came out of the cow.s neck. Ugh. 

The best thing is that my Mom will cook something special for the morning. This Raya we had our Nasi Beriyani and Ayam Masak Merah. Ah I.m hungry already.


Mixed Fruit Jelly Pudding
Not that we were to eat all of 'em up, you know. We brought two Tupperwares of the trifles to my Aunty.s house - we were invited for a feast at her house on the second day of Raya. Nasi Ayam, Roti Jala and Cendol. Gulp.
To think that it took me almost three hours to complete the making process of the desserts, I was just too happy to be tired back then. Why three hours you must think - first, I did all  of that by myself and secondly, to make the Jelly Pudding, it was a bit tedious process. You have to wait for the first layer of pudding to cool down first before you add in the Jelly layer. And there.s four layers altogether.

When it comes to cooking, all you need is just creativity :)

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