Monday, November 15, 2010

Bad Bad Wolf!

When I asked my Dad about going to the Big Bad Wolf Sale, I was not really surprised when he said, "Okay. Kita pegi esok pagi2. Balik hari."

My Dad wanted to buy a new phone. My Mom needed a shopping dose at KK Home Decor.  Adlin tagged along. And me? Where else, Ground Floor South City Plaza lah.

As it was Sunday, well I expected that the place must be full of people. Yes. I got it right. Not to mention, thousands of books there! I was so busy scrambling and snatching the novels away that I forgot to take any picture of that hall. It was open from 10am till 9pm. You have to go there, seriously.

BTW I just got back from KL and let.s have a look at the books, shall we?

3D Guinness World Record 2009 at only RM12!

English manga - RM5 each
Of course not the latest comics sold. Who would want to sell imported English comics at RM5 anyway? Those comics I bought are from 2009 edition - who cares, as long as I get to read 'em. At Kinokuniya, a single latest English comic/manga costs about RM20++! Crazy, huh? 

The best among the best. Nora Roberts' at RM8!
FYI, all the imported paperback English novels sold are RM8 each! Yes, you read it right. RM8 each! But you have to act quick, because the famous novels will be snatched away quickly by the novel lovers. Thank God I managed to grab two Nora Roberts' novels.

An aunty even asked me where did I manage to get Roberts' Midnight Bayou novel that I held so dearly in my hands - apart from a bunch of novels I picked earlier. I replied that it was somewhere around the Fiction section, I can.t remember which part exactly as there were a lot ( a lot! ) of novels on the displaying tables. 

Close-up.. just to make you green with envy :)

Ah. How romantic... *dreamy eyes*

Oh. Just a glimpse of meal we had for dinner at Shikiya Restaurant, Low Yat Plaza. It was pretty okay, the sushi.s size is bigger than usual. You can read one of the reviews here.

Back to the topic: An amazing total of RM94 for 13 books- you cannot ever get the same incredibly cheap price at MPH, Populars, Kinokuniya or Borders. Heaven! :)
Oh. Apart from Fiction and Comic, there are Non-Fiction, Children, Management, Motivation and Magazines section. I went to the Art section to look for art-related books but they were sold out already. A Chinese aunty with her son took 'em all. Ah. I gotten there earlier.

Well, as they say 'Seeing is Believing' - why dontcha go and see it for yourself? :)


  1. pah...
    so jeles!!!

    xsempat nk k situ,eventhough 2days kt kl....


  2. OMG! I hate you for being able to go to BBW and for getting so many books at a really cheap price! I'm indeed green with enyy! Nak dekat jadi blackish green dah ni! Hmmph! LOL.

  3. ummu. thehee. xpe2 next time plak eh :)

    sarah. haha. my mission.s accomplished! XD

    fikah. until 17th je. ha tggu ape lagi fikah? :D