Wednesday, November 03, 2010

HTAA Visit

The aim of HTAA Educational Visit is mainly to create interest in clinical medicine and show relevance of basic medical sciences, early on in the medical education programme. It is to expose the First Year Students to the systems of the hospital - Casualty registration, Clinical examination and referral, Radiological investigation, Ward admission and Wards setting.

So, last Monday was our Hospital Visit (Group 1A & 1B) to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA), Kuantan. It took us 15 minutes to reach the hospital. Plus the time to find a parking spot, it dragged to almost 30 minutes. 

We entered the hospital through this door, just go straight until you see..

The HospiMart Shoppe on your left..

A small garden on your left..

There you go! LOBI MAKMUR. Smile, Zatul! :)

You can either enter through the Front Door of this lobby or take the long way from the A&E (Accident and Emergency) Department like we did.

Just make sure you be there on time. 
So, we were divided into two groups. Group 1A with Dr Azlin while Group 1B with Sister Ima and Sister Fitrina. Dr Azura was absent.

Attendance check
Waiting for the latecomers

After waiting for nearly 15 minutes, we decided to just proceed with VISIT 1 - A&E and Radiology Departments.

First, we got the chance to view the medical machines/appliances used in the hospital.

CT Scan aka Computed Tomography Scan

And.. Guess what?
The MRI aka Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Then, we went to see the A&E Department and the Triage area.

AZ, a 5-year-old boy suffered from spleen injury was brought here. Remember? :)

Brief explanation by the Radiology sisters :)

Green Zone - Zon Tidak Kritikal

Red and Yellow Zones

The future doctors doing Ward Round :)

Oh okay. Amat tidak matured di situ.

Observation ward

To the Mammography area

Eh.. tak sabar2 nampak..

Unfortunately, we didn.t get to see how the mammogram looks like. For those who don.t know what this mammogram is, it is used to examine human breast, as a screening and a diagnostic tool. For early detection of breast cancer, particularly for women around 40 years old and above.

Lelaki pun boleh cek ke? Macam mana eh?'

Tak boleh blah punya soalan.

Then it was the Interview Session where we were given a Form to be filled. We had to interview the doctors, nurses, patients (or the guards) by asking them some questions regarding the relationship among the people in the hospital. The time allocated was 15 minutes.

This is my interviewee, a 54 yo Senior Nurse. Please take notice of my new HTAA clip and matric holder, bought from the HTAA Kiosk :)

Make sure you fill the Interview Form in English, okay! After we submitted the Form to Dr Azlin, who came later with her group (Group 1A), we then followed Dr Azlin for VISIT 2 - Psychiatric, Orthopaedic and Medical Wards.

We had to walk quite a long time to reach the Psychiatric Wards. 
Haishh, menyesal plak tak pakai baju seluar.

In the Dining Area of the Ward.

Then, we went to the other two wards - Ortho and Med Wards where we could see the patients lying on their bed. Some got visitors, some didn.t. The doctors and nurses were busy treating them diligently.   

After a tiring journey going back and forth the floors, we then get back to the Room where we gathered before. It was the Closing session where Dr Azlin asked our opinions and reflections about the visit. She gave us advice and a lot of explanation about the Clinical Years. 

She mentioned that, apart from being knowledgeable, we have to be hardworking and most importantly, having good communication skills and be polite.

Discussion Session

Berhimpit himpit

To sum it up, I think the Visit was very good and useful. At least I managed to get something out of it, if not a lot.

Thank you Dr Azlin :)

Thank you Sister Fitrina and Sister Ima :)

Having the chance to see how the Real Hospital Life looks like, I am not sure whether I am still looking forward to my Clinical Years or not.

Truth be told, I don.t like hospitals. I don.t like to be sick. I don.t like to see sick people. 

The end.


  1. Mammogram?

    Rase lelaki boleh g cek kot...

    Haha, lame x tulis2 kat sini...

    salam dari gombak