Friday, November 12, 2010

Of Zen.s Blog

King Syahmi.s announcement about Zenith.s blog in class just now made me smile. Actually, I knew about the blog like few days ago. Seriously, the offer to be an active contributor for the blog seems annoyingly inviting. 

But I am actually trying to break free from my previous traumatic experience. Please let me lay low for a couple of months.

As I obviously have too much free time on my hands, I checked the blog out. First thing came to my mind, the design. I don.t really like it actually. For me, it better be simple yet interesting. That.s why in this blog, I prefer to have a huge area displaying the posts. I like my blog to be in a Full Screen Mode. That way, you can read better and I can have a lot of space to write.

Oh. This is merely an opinion of mine. No offence. 

While I was browsing the blog (I still am), the first post was made on the past August 9th and I could see that it was constantly updated from day to day. But apparently, I failed to see the effort afterwards. I believe our Ten Admins will be more hardworking after reading this post :)

Yes. Me myself sometimes skipped a few days to update this blog. If not due to pure laziness, it was the bad mood coming my way. But looking at the 10 Admins/Authors, I.m sure you guys will work something out to solve this problem. And making drafts is one of the effective way to avoid the lack of updates.

I want the blog to be a huge hit but I refuse to be an active part of it. I.m so acting like a coward. I know.

But in my very limited and humble judgement, I believe that Consistency is the foundation of a blog. By being consistent, you.ll gain the Trust of the people to keep on reading your blog - apart from publishing interesting topics and having a nice blog.s design. We want productive authors, not just authors-by-the-name only.

Here.s a suggestion. Why don.t all of you take turns to post something in the blog? I believe all of you have your own style of writing. Why don.t make full use of it?

Zenix - From my point of view, I bet the person behind this alias is the mastermind (for a good cause, of course) of this blog. And if this person is considered to be the Head Administrator, I hope he.ll find initiatives to keep the blog running for a long period of time.

Oh. A quick question to ask. Is the blog supposed to be SKEMA?

Because it really looks like one.

I hope you consider these suggestions, because I think a Skema Blog is a bit... er, boring. Sorry.

1. A Music Box
2. A Formspring Box for Suggestions/Comments/Problems
3. Blog Lists of Zen14 Community
4. Vocab of the Day Column
5. Hadith of the Day Column
6. News Section for General Knowledge eg. Newspaper articles

BTW, I think copy-paste articles/posts should not be published too frequently. It is not wrong to copy-paste, I also do it most of the time - but considering that it is a community blog, I think posts should be writen about something that is closely relaed to our life as a med student in IIUM.

For instance, you may publish the 'Get to Know our International Friends' posts, 'Lecturers' Interviews', Videos about 'Male/Female Mahallahs' or anything interesting, 'Fashion Column', 'Art Section', 'Places for Hangouts', 'Travel Tales' or even a daily dose of 'Gossips'. Okay. The latter seems a bit... inappropriate. Well, it.s just a matter of Effort and Enthusiasm. When there.s a will, there.s a way. You can make it happen. 

You don.t necessarily need to write/compose all those things by yourselves. Instead, you can divide the tasks among yourselves or even assign our batchmates to make 'em!  Set a deadline and get the post from them when the time.s due. Problem.s settled. They don.t have to be the Admins to contribute something to the blog. It.s our batch.s blog after all. Everyone.s entitled to have a fair share in it, don.t you think so?

I always have this absurd idea of mine that some days, all 140 of us will have our own blog - let it be in Bahasa Malaysia, English or even Arabic. Only then, we can exchange our blog materials between one another. 

When we establish that, then every one of us will take turn to compose a special post for our Zen.s blog. Everyday, we can see different person expressing their own opinions/views about anything they want. It will be just like Public Speaking, only it is Blog Writing.

We can make Blog Competitions and Reward Prizes for the Winner. We can publish our bureau.s info and activities through blog. We can discuss PBL triggers online. We can read each other.s mind.. and secrets :) We can hit on each other. We can get to know a lot more about our batchmate.s life outside the campus. We can organise a get-together. OMG we .ll be the coolest batch ever!

Okay so it was a completely unreasonable and impossible thing to achieve. And I admit been dreaming a lot lately. Haha.

ps. Admins of Zen.s Blog, I apologise for the comments made in this post. Yes I don.t have the courage to see you face to face and say what I have in mind. Guess I really am a coward, am I not?

I wish you good luck with the blog, and the updates. You guys have my 100% support. Roger me if you need anything and I.ll be glad to help :) 



  1. you are truly critizer, i like dat,aha..

  2. that's exactly why we need people like you to be the author or admin....u've a lot of ideas

    so far, only a few author made his/her the blog is not meant to be all serious and what not...just no personal posts that aren't related to our little community...