Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Close Call with Death

"slm sis zen. urgent. zahin.s condition is now 50-50, cz hematoma, bleeding in brain.. we.ll hv solat hajat + yasin, 11.30am, usrah room..'

I left my newspaper on the floor, rushed to the toilet, took wudhu' and went to usrah room.

'Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is!' (Yaasin, 36:82)

Kun Fayakun, I bet every Muslim knows that. When Allah intends to make something happens, who are we to deny it? The best we can do is to Pray to Him, hoping that everything will turn out okay. He knows what.s best for us. 

He knows it very well.

Accidents happen. All the time. Sometimes it.s not even our fault, it happens anyway. It.s inevitable. 

We see people dying around us. Too often. We see cuts, wounds and bloods. Too grim.

What is Allah trying to show to us exactly? That we are only temporary residents on His Earth? That He has every rights to take back the life that he gave to us? That we are about to face the same fate sooner or later? We are going to die, no matter how hard we fight against it?

You choose.   
Zahin.s my classmate. But I can.t seem to be able to match his name with any face in my head. Maybe because I don.t know him. Or I simply forget which one is him.

He is in the Operation Theatre for brain surgery right now. 

Zahin, please read this after had your surgery done successfully. So that you know that we are always here for you, praying for you. 

Because you are a part of Zen14.s big family.

Zahin, please be safe. I.m not ready to lose a classmate yet. Not before I get to know which one is you.

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  1. u dont even know which one is him,but u already act like great for him to have you guys as his classmates.hope the operation went well.amin :)