Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dear Beloved Ummi

Please be known that your daughter is doing fine in IIUM right now. Even if it.s only few minutes drive away from home, she doesn.t feel like going home every day. Well, what more can she ask - she goes home every weekend :)

She might face some problems in her campus. Regrding her studies, relationships and some other girly stuffs. Don.t worry, she can handle them alone by herself. She.s all grown up, isn.t she?

Take the recent MiniTest as an example. She admitted that she was not prepared for the Test. She depended on the Compilation and didn.t even finish to read all the Lectures' Notes. She did the so-called 'Last Minute Study' although she very well knew that she was not supposed to do that. She.s a Medic student, for God.s sake. Now she has a bad feeling about the upcoming result. It.s not going to be good, for sure.

But she didn.t tell you about that. Because she knows you.ll be worrying sick. She knows you.ll give her piece of advice that will make her regret even more. She vows to make it up on End Block Exam this January. She intends to make you proud.

Or is there any possible way for her not to continue Medicine?

She.s kidding She.s kidding. Haha.

Just so you know, she remembers all your guidance and reminders told her before. She tries to pray on time, although sometimes she got stuck in front of her laptop for two hours straight. She tries to get up early in the morning, although sometimes she forgot to set her alarm and woke up at 11 in the morning. She tries not to play TheSims3 for too long, although sometimes she couldn.t seem to make herself stop once she pressed the 'Play' button.

She tries not to get too close to the boys, although sometimes she couldn.t help herself.  But she finally figures out - they give her too much headache.

See? She remembers your advice just fine. I believe she.ll try her best to follow them all.

As long as it makes you happy.

I know. It isn.t your birthday yet. Mothers' Day is also not around the corner. What.s with this sentimental note written specially for you?  

Oh. It.s because she.s about to accept your friend request in Facebook. That.s why.

She just want to clarify that she has nothing to hide from you. And she didn.t reject the request although she knows it very well that her Mom is going to see all her online actions - be it good or bad. But she can ensure you - she.s a good girl :)

Although it took her two days to accept the friend request, well it.s not because she didn.t want to - but she just wanna make some preparations - write a blog post to be exact.

A special blog post to celebrate your first involvement with Social Network. She bet you don.t browse through your Yahoo mail very often, that.s why this is counted as first :)

Welcome to Facebook, Ummi.

If you stumbled upon this blog, please be known that she.s still the good girl she.s always been. Still :)

With love,
Your beloved daughter

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