Monday, December 20, 2010

The Expectation

Whoaa. The Haemoglobin Seminar Group sure gave us all a fantastic presentation. Apart from their plain-Haemo title, they managed to deliver it quite brilliantly. And it was lovely. The outfit, I meant.

The Best Outfit Award :)
Dr Zamzila even jokingly asked them to present their topic again to the First Year Med Student - a definite proof that they have done the presentation well. Very well. Congratz guys.

So this means that the Seminar group after this group onwards will need to work extra hard to do better than this group. Yes. That.s a challenge. Because we all expect an extraordinary presentation from the Seminar members. At least the cool outfits will do.

And this also means that I need to start thinking about my group's outfit too.

Well Well Well... Look what we have here.. 
The History of Surgery. A surgeon.s uniform, maybe? Scrubs, anyone? 

Oh Okay. Maybe not this one.
No one wants a Zombie Surgeon to present a seminar.

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