Saturday, December 11, 2010

The M Word

Yesterday, we had a motivational talk in KOM.s Audi. As it was a compulsory session for all First and Second year Medic students, by hook or by crook - we had to attend it.

So let.s talk about the M Word.


It is a very very very necessary element in our life. Without motivation, we couldn.t be able to carry out our life properly. We couldn.t even find satisfaction in doing our daily chores if we don.t have motivation. We.ll be lost without it.

I believe you and I have different motivations to keep us moving in life. Be it for yourself, your parents or your special someone. Or you might have some other reasons to keep you motivated. Money. Cars. House.

You don.t have any? So find one.

Dr.Khairidzan asked us these questions:
-What is in your mind?
-What.s in it for you?
-What will happen to you?
-Where are you going with this?

I am thinking. 

Ahh. Sure tough questions, Doctor.

I am still thinking.

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