Friday, December 03, 2010

Teenage Pregnancy

In IIUM Kuantan, there.s a Seminar session held once a week. Groups of 5 Medic students (2 brothers and 3 sisters) take turn to present their slides for about 2 hours, in front of 140 students and the assigned lecturers for that particular session. The topics vary from one group to another.

This time, it.s Teenage Pregnancy.

Obviously, it is an interesting topic - considering the facts that it involves attractive matters like Marriage, Pregnancy, Abortion and Baby Dumping. 

I don.t know about you but for me, when it comes to sex - it.s always a taboo subject.
The representatives from Group 2 Seminar were all good. They talked like professionals. Proffesors praised them for their efforts and said that there were things that could be slightly improved. 

Like, cutting down the presentation period to less than 2 hours, perhaps? Hehe. You know we all can be easily distracted when the lectures were too long. Plus, it.s almost 4 in the afternoon. That.s the time I usually take a Nap :)

To Farah, Ramzi, Fadhilah, Faqih (thanks King for the correction) and Faezah - nice presentation! I always feel glad when I see people putting their utmost effort into something. Let alone whether it.s a personal stuff that needs to be completed on time or regarding group works. For no solid reason, I feel happy when people take their responsibilities seriously. And do their best to make other people happy as well. If everybody in the world were just like you, then the world would be a very pleasant place to live.

Oh. My Seminar will be in Year 2 Block 4 if I.m not mistaken. The topic.s History of Surgery. Serious and scary stuff, eh?

I am thinking of something creative to be presented during the Seminar.

A live demonstration of surgery from a group of Real Surgeons, perhaps?

Aww. You expect too much from me.

Don.t get your hopes up too high, people. You.ll regret when the real things don't live up to your expectations. 

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  1. Farah, Ramzi, Fadhilah, Fahmi and Faezah

    u forgot Faqih...Tuan Fahmi will present in the 4th seminar...with me