Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bubur Asyuraa

Just came back from Surau Al-Hidayah, Cherating. Memenuhi jemputan Kak Lini untuk makan bubur asyuraa. Hehe. Padahal memang nak rase pun bubur tu, sbb dah lame tak makan :)

Ade 7 kawah kesemuanya..

Eh2.. nak jugak mengacau..

Dah2.. jangan lebih2..

Kacau2 bagi dia rata..

Orang ajak makan je la, bukan mengacau bubur..

Muka excited tak boleh blahh

Tengah2 aku kacau bubur tu, ade la sorang abang ni, dia mintak pengacau tu daripada aku. 

"Dah la tu, sekejap2 je, nanti hangit pulak bubur ni.."

Erk. Okay. Mintak maaf bang. Saya tau saya tak pandai kacau bubur. Huhu.

Tercapai jugak hajat di hati.. :)

Panas lagi tu..

Dapat dua bekas bawak balik rumah... jangan jeles~~

Waahh kenyang! 

Bunga cengkih, si buah kuini,
Selalu dibeli di pasar pagi,
Time kasih wahai Kak Lini, 
Lain kali silalah pelawa lagi..

Makan lemang, makan bahulu,
Saya memang muka tak malu.

Hehehe ;)

ps. Bila pulak Zenith 14 nak organise majlis makan bubur asyuura/bubur lambuk? Alatan boleh pinjam daripada Kak Lini. 

Tukang kacau bubur pun dah ade ni, kikiki.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Campus Dakwah Project

Sadly, I have troubles uploading the rest of the videos.

iium-community, kenapa lambat sangat nak buffer YouTube vids ni? :(

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Life on Paper

After I finished my two years of Foundation studies in IIUM PJ, I am now in IIUM Kuantan, taking a degree in Medicine. Currently, I.m in second year. I got another four years to graduate. That is, if I pass two Professional Exams in between. Then, I.ll be a houseman for two years in a government hospital. After that, I.ll become a Medical Office for three years. Only then, perhaps I.ll take a second online degree in Multimedia for another three years. Or I.ll just enroll in an online course during my M.O years.

If you ask me where my marriage fits into this plan, I.ll say - Nowhere.

Yes. I am quite ambitious. I believe most female doctors are. Who would want to waste their 7 years of studying, just to settle down and be a full-time housewife? That is ridiculously unacceptable.

They better take a degree in ‘Housekeeping Skills & Management’ instead of Medicine. And that would include how-to's of Cooking, Gardening, Sewing and even Taking Care of Husband and Kids.

Or better yet, don.t go to university at all. Just sit patiently at home, wait for your parents to bring home a husband. Then, go get married and have kids.

There you go. A fully-dedicated woman of the house.

Mistake me not. I have nothing against housewives. I respect them so much, I dare not speak ill of them. Oh, what would the world be without housewives?

In fact, my Mom is an amazing 24/7 housewife. My parents have been married for, I think almost 24 years now. Still, they live happily. My Mom got married when she was 21 years old while my Dad was 26 at that time. How I wish my own marriage will last that long. 

Yes, of course I can get married and still continue to study or work as a doctor. But I don.t think it.s going to be in these 4 years period of my study. By the time I got my MBBS, I.ll be 25 years old. Only then, I.ll be ready for an official ceremony - with my own choice, definitely.

If I haven.t met him yet, well..

I.ll just pick a guy and ask him, "Would you do me a favor and marry me, please?"

As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

There you go. My Life As Planned.

But if you ask me next year, I might have a different answer. Who knows.

Only Allah knows.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Remember Allah








Suggestion: Listen to the first two dua' if you don.t want to listen to all :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Spek Gedabak

"Umi2 spek k.ain patah, nt umi amik k.ain kite sggh ecm jap eh, nk g baiki..", aku text mak aku semalam.

"Ok. Kite g petang nanti. Beli spek baru je. Umi taknak dah spek gedabak macam tu lg..", balas mak aku beberapa saat kemudian.

Erk! Aku baru bercita2 nak cari spek yang 2x lebih besar dari yang sedia ada. Cam tau2 je mak aku ni.. Huhu

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Homemade Banana Split

Ice cream
Chocolate rice

1) Slice few bananas into several pieces.
2) Arrange the bananas (strawberries too, if you prefer) into a glass dish.
3) Scoop ice creams and sprinkle chocolate rice on top of it.
4) Voila! Banana Split siap!! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Astronaut

Vicious Software!

My heart almost stopped when my computer system suddenly crashed. I was in the middle of editing my PowerPoint slides when that happened.

I couldn.t access any of my files, all the programs in Hard Disk Drive disappeared! I was like, darn, do I have to format my laptop? Can the files be rescued? I don.t even have any back-ups, shoot!

After I poked around a little, I managed to open Mozilla. So I Googled about this problem.

Thank God found the solution! Here.s the link to a very useful blog, it has saved my LIFE laptop! Thank you!

After I read about the descriptions, only then I knew where the problems lied.

It.s the Rogue System Restore Software! (System Restore" is a rogue Windows registry cleaner and HDD repair program that claims to fix common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. The name of this malicious software is truly misleading. As you probably know, there's a valuable and genuine Windows utility called System Restore. It solves major Windows problems and restores Windows system files while the fake one reports non-existent system errors and HDD failures. System Restore (fake) is from the same family as Data Recovery malware) 

I think got a fake System Software installed. Thankfully, the blog has helped me to remove  the rogue System Restore. 

Now my heart is back to normal. *wink!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dinner at Zenith Hotel

We celebrated my Dad.s birthday (21/10) at Zenith Hotel, Kuantan.

The Entrance
Happy Deepavali!

The Decor
Bon Appetite!

Sneak peek from our table
The Delicious Dishes
Staple food
Tiga Dara Pingitan ;)
Sedapnye makan~~
Ugghhh, the Raw Oysters~
Never again~
Family Picture, SMILEE!!
A Note to my Eldest Sister who is in Cyberjaya:
Kak Nor, jangan jeles ye, kami makan sedap2 kat sini, kikiki~

Friday, October 21, 2011

Formal Letter?

I am not very familiar (dah lupe sebenarnye..) with the format of writing a Formal Letter.

What do you think, too wordy

Perhaps a little bit informal asked the opinions from my friends, I.d like to know what you think about it, too.

So, what do you say?

ps. Dah tak ingat dah pasal Format Surat Karangan Rasmi dan Surat Karangan Tidak Rasmi, belajar time Sekolah Menengah dulu..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Show Off

Few Saturdays back, we had Inter-block Sports Day in the Stadium and Sports Complex, IIUM. Yeah, UIA Kuantan dah ada Olympic-size Stadium, gempak tak? Tu baru Stadium, tak masuk lagi Kolam Renang (Olimpic-size juge) and Sports Complex yang mantap! Macam2 game boleh main kat situ. Squash, Badminton, Netball, Futsal, Tennis - you name it, semua ada! Nama pun Sports Complex kan.. ;)

It was held in the morning, 9am till 3pm. We had to bail out in the afternoon due to the Leadership Program that was made compulsory for all IIUM second-year students.

Speaking of the Sports Day, I also participated in the event. In 4x100m Relay.

Me & The Future Nurses before the big event

From left: Mek Wa, Me, Erlynn, Ogy

Biar kalah asal bergaya... hehehe

Actually T2 won the overall Track Events, but we lost to the other Mahallahs in other games

Shakey Shakey~~

Netball won the Second place, Congratz! :)

Hehe, the Show-Off part - here it comes! won GOLD medal for 4x100m! ;)

I finally got my first GOLD MEDAL since I entered IIUM.

ps. Looking back to my past active life during Form 5 in Sports Day SMART Kuantan, me and my team scored GOLD in 4x100m as well. I got SILVER in 100m (lost to my Indian friend, Nantini Kaneson) Heck, I even got SILVER for Lompat Jauh.

Now see what happens to the present, older and oh-so-matured Me - dull, inactive and boring. What a waste.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Mango Peach and Pineapple Yogurt Drink - RM 1.50 each

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM5.50 + RM0.20 for the Eco-Pack

The Menu

Meh ramai2 gi tempah lunch/dinner at Tastebuds Cafe, Admin Building. Exclusive cafe and delicious dishes (especially the Western food, yummy!)

Boleh text kakak tu kalau nak tempah makanan, starts from 2pm till 5pm.

Here.s the number - 0199587160. Text your Food Order and at what time you want to pick up the food (must be before 5pm). Then go and pick up lah!! 

Easy as ABC, right? :)  

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I remember Brother Al-Hadi showed us a funny video about a Japanese comedy duo, Gamarjobat during the Leadership Talk yesterday. So I googled the name. 

Have a look at these:

One of them speak English :)

Their video gags :D

Fighting over a girl XD

On the stage

They really are funny.. and quite good-looking too ;)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

SS501 vs VFC

You know about SS501.s famous love song, Love Like This..

But are you well aware that it was originally a Varsity Fan Club.s song? It was in English before the song was sold to SS501.

Personally, I prefer the English version.

Because I hate to hear a particular song when I don.t understand the lyrics.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


In ECG Lab Practical, we were required to clip/stick the 12-lead electrodes at certain points on the chest. Lead I, II, III, aVR, aVF, aVL, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6. The result was then printed.

The gel used

One of the victims

When I showed my ECG result to Dr.Nilar, I asked for her comments. 

She said, I got deep S wave and a tall R wave - might be an indication of ventricular hypertrophy!

I was like, See, I told ya! I know that something is wrong with me somwhere! But of course, I didn.t say it out loud to Yun and Shuk, they.ll nag me all day if I did! Hehehh

Dr.Nilar then asked me to calculate the Lyon index, to see if it.s normal or not. She said it.ll be normal.

Who knows?

Well, I better go get my calculator.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blood Bank Visit

Our first Hospital Visit in Year 2 was to Blood Bank, HTAA. Here.s what happened:

Reached Lobi Makmur, HTAA before 2pm. Went straight to Blood Bank after all of us arrived. The place was easily located - just walk along the path opposite HTAA Kiosk, you.ll see a 'Tabung Darah' signboard. 
Gathered at Meeting Room for a briefing by Dr.Rosmawati. She asked questions about the role of Blood Bank and what did we expect to see during the visit.   

Off we went - to the Registration Counter first. Dr.Rosma gave us the Blood Transfer form and she explained about the significance of each questions asked in the form. 

Then, we went to Blood Donation room, where we saw people donated their blood.

This is the machine used by people who would like to donate their blood by Apheresis method - the blood donors can choose what type of cells they.d like to donate (packed cells, white cells, plasma or platelet) and the RBCs are returned back to the body through the same tube. It is similar like Dialysis machine, and it took longer time (60 to 90mins) than the normal blood donation (15-30mins).

Screening Lab where the staffs screen the blood for Syphilis, HIV, Hep B & Hep C by using a machine. If the donors' blood test result is positive for the screened disease, they will then be informed.
This is the Component Room where the blood components are processed. Plasma bags can be stored in the freezer up to 1 year, whole blood in 5-6 degree Celcius for about 42 days and platelets only for 5 days.

After the first centrifuge, we can observe two portions of the blood (red, heavy haematocrit/packed cells below the bag and tea-coloured platelet-rich plasma on top) obviously  
To separate both components manually

Lounge Room

Posing moment

The girls with Dr.Rosma before we departed back to UIA

Singgah beli dinner jap sebelum balik~
To sum it up, the visit gave us an overview of what happened behind the scenes of a Blood Bank in the hospitals.

My goals after the visit:
1) To be a regular blood donor
2) To donate blood at HTAA once every 4 months
3) To donate blood via Apheresis (at least one time)  :)